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Moving across town or moving across the country, its been a long, strange trip.
Moving is a traumatic experience. I was lucky to see professional movers at work when I was a kid moving from Ohio to Massachusetts. That taught me to put everything in a set of standard boxes. Everything. Then I worked as a co-op student where I moved every six weeks between Pontiac and Flint. That taught me a 1969 Impala trunk holds a lot and to travel light. I wish I kept that lesson since I soon acquired way too much stuff. Then I had to move from Ann Arbor to Silicon Valley. After that, a move from my office/s2014-07-25_Boxes-in-garage.jpghop/warehouse/ consulting place/megaplex to a house. Finally I moved from Silicon Valley to Florida. It was more stressful than I imagined. Two years later and I am still finding things that I forgot I owned.
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Monday, Mar 3, 2014 Leave Cali day 6

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The move to Florida, Harley parts, oddball junk, and plans.
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The move to Florida, selling cables and computer stuff.
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The move to Florida, tossing CD cases and software.
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The bookshelf is gone. More books and magazines to the dump.
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The move to Florida, selling the machinery on Craigslist.
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The move to Florida, dumping books and making lists.
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