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Daily thoughts and happenings.
As writer first and foremost, I put a lot of things in the Media section. Yet there are some stuff not suited to an article or video. It might be some musing as I go about the daily routine. Often its a simple record of how I spent a particularly productive day. There are a lot of these tucked away on my hard drive that I will be writing up here.

Once I get the old stuff up I will use this as a typical classical blog. I promise to never post cat pictures. Sometimes the post will just be a handy place to store some procedure to install a computer program or light the pilot in a furnace.

I am just starting this journal, so it will take a while to get all the older stuff posted. Stay tuned or check the bottom columns of this page or the home page to see what is new. The home page does not list the posts in chronological order, but rather, the order I have posted new content, which might be decades old. I will try to post batches of related posts and then give a LinkedIn update. Sorry I don't use Facebook. They blocked me a few years ago and I gave up trying to reach any support person.
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The daily grind

The business of life consumes all of us. I quit Wall-outlet.jpgmy corporate job and spend my days working on this site. I marvel at how much time it takes to run the errands, do the shipping, and get down to the DMV. I really don't see how anyone can function with a full-time job working for other people.

This section of the site has some of the home projects and events in my life that might help others deal with their challenges. Fixing things, moving to Florida, its all here.

Friends and family

In addition to the daily grind, there is a section 2002_Karen-Brown.jpgthat shows friends and family. This includes the family in Croatia I have been blessed with a wide variety of friends. Everything from school pals I still see to biker gang friends, to famous engineers and business people. I have spent a little time in mob operations, as well as worked at Ford and GM as an auto engineer.
1970s_Suzi-Kucinic.jpgAs well as live and friends this is a place where I can post things regarding family. This certainly includes my great parents as well as the wonderful family in Croatia we re-connected with in 2004. I hope to visit again one day.
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Places and people

The places I have lived or v1970_House-sale-ad.jpgvisited, are quite varied, from Framingham to Silicon Valley. Thoughts and pictures from those places will be here as well.

Things and gizmos

Technical people are often low-grade hoarders. Some of us are full-blown hoarders. Accordingly,1939-Pontiac-turret-top.jpg there is a ton of neat stuff that will be posted here. Amongst that stuff will the various cars and motorcycles I have or have owned. There are also some amazing vehicles from friends. If a friend shows me his collection of antique radios or 1970's vintage portable phonographs, you can expect to see it posted here.

The old days

I've collected many old photos and documents, Wedding_1024.jpgespecially after my mother passed. They too find a place here. Its cheaper to store them here than on some cloud cloud cloud storage site. There are documents and pictures from my parents as well as from the days when my grandparents immigrated from Croatia.


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The most recent post: Thursday, Mar 19, 2020 75-inch entertainment center

75-inch entertainment center

I replace a 70-inch Sharp LCD with a 75-inch Vizio PX75-G1. The Sharp only lasted 4 years.
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My favorite post: Monday, Aug 14, 2006 CMM machine

CMM machine

A coordinate measuring machine to reverse- engineer Sportster engines.
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The most recent post: Saturday, Oct 21, 2023 Ryobi ZT480ex battery replacement

Ryobi ZT480ex battery replacement

Replacing the four 100 Amp-hour lead-acid batteries is tricky, what with Ryobi incompetence.
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My favorite post: Saturday, Jun 21, 2008 Jackhammer stairs and stumps

Jackhammer stairs and stumps

I rent an electric jackhammer from the Home Depot contractor store. The garage stairs go. Stumps too.
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The most recent post: Wednesday, Jun 12, 2024 Spring cleaning 2024 redux

Spring cleaning 2024 redux

Yesterday's clean-out of my electronics lab got me so jazzed I kept it up today.
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My favorite post: Friday, Nov 15, 2002 The music altar

The music altar

The two bookshelves evolved into an altar to the wonder of music.
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The most recent post: Saturday, Jun 14, 2014 Leave Cali day 46

Leave Cali day 46

Transcribing the Digital-8 VCR films into the computer, prettying up the Teac 3440 4-track.
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My favorite post: Sunday, Feb 16, 2014 Leave Cali day 2

Leave Cali day 2

The move to Florida, selling the machinery on Craigslist.
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