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Saturday, Jun 14, 2014

Leave Cali day 46

Transcribing the Digital-8 VCR films into the computer, prettying up the Teac 3440 4-track. pdf version
Today I am back in the music room. I have transcribed the audio tapes, and now I have a batch of video tapes I made on two Digital-8 Sony VCR cameras. The cameras use a Firewire cable to send the files to the computer. They are the old MPEG-2 format, about 2GB per 10 minutes. It doesn't use MP3 file compression for the audio. Good quality but big files in old days before TB drives. Some of the recordings are me working on motorcycles. I remember one had a precious moment where I went to start the bike after working on it, and it caught fire. I will have to hunt that one down. Another is an interview I did with famous Silicon Valley Fairchild engineer Jerry Lawson. He passed away a year later, I really need to dig these files out and get them up on YouTube.
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Now that the 10-inch audio tapes are transcribed, I clean up the Teac 3440 4-track.
I used duct tape on the heads cover for easy access. I clean it up and screw it on properly.
The cassette player is gone, given to audio guru Steve Williams, and the rest gets moved.
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Here is the stuff boxed up, though the 10-inch tapes still need to be put away.
Here is a wider view of that lede picture. My ever-present 30-oz insulated mug of iced tea keeping me hydrated while I get the files put in the computer. I gave the cameras away, I can't remember to whom. The tapes themselves I kept and still have. The computer got moved, and is occasionally used if I need to read a 3.5-inch floppy. It is also needed for some 32-bit drivers for my REX-6000 address book and Cardscan scanner. I guess it's time to give up an XP computer, huh. The stereo might be one that blew up after the move, a metal tack that holds the glass in a cheap wooden picture frame had fallen down into the stereo and blew it up. The Harley boots pen holder got sold on eBay, I think, though maybe after I moved to Florida.
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