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Keeping up appearances at the homestead is a big job. Some of the fun and not-so-fun projects.
Home maintenance is an ongoing torment. You can see that from my pal Martin trimming the wildly overgrown hedges on the house I had just bought in 2008. This section is also a place to detail home tricks and tips. There might even be a few workplace hacks here to help in your job. As with other sections of the Journal, these tip don't really qualify for an article in the Media section, but they may come in handy and hopefully Google will bubble them up the page rank. 2011-08-01_Bacon-in-the-pan.jpgHere's one tip. You can use a big square electric pan to cook bacon, it holds a big rasher. With an electric stove I bought a SCANPAN square griddle that can hold nearly as many slices.
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Wednesday, Mar 11, 2015 Ice cube tray hell

Ice cube tray hell

The grocery stores can't sell a decent tray.
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Friday, Nov 15, 2002 The music altar

The music altar

The two bookshelves evolved into an altar to the wonder of music.
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