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Friday, Nov 15, 2002

The music altar

The two bookshelves evolved into an altar to the wonder of music. pdf version
I made a large music room in my shop. I set up my guitar amp and a cheap keyboard so I could practice and record music. It also served as an ideal listening room. With a concrete floor and wooden ceiling it had pleasant acoustics. This altar to the muse started as two black bookshelves. The left has my Peavey amp in the bottom. I stacked my CDs (remember) on two narrow shelves above. The right bookshelf had the stereo and cassette tape player. I soon ran out of space for CDs, which I would by used by the handful over in Palo Alto. Rich people give away a lot of good music. So I built the two chipboard shelves for more CD storage and to allow the turntable (remember those) to open. The nice level top surface became a collection space. A treble clef clock, album art, and a tooth necklace.
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