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Wednesday, Mar 11, 2015

Ice cube tray hell

The grocery stores can't sell a decent tray. pdf version
The refrigerator in my Florida house was only 5years and barley would hold temperature. So I wanted to add a bunch of ice trays to keep the freezer more balanced thermally. I figured more ice mass would mean the compressor would not have to cycle so much, So I go to grocery store to buy more ice trays. I just grabbed a couple and did not really look at them. I futures an ice tray is an ice tray. Wrongo. Instead of the nice big square trays I already owned, the new ones had swoopy little oval pockets, I guess the interior decorators have to ruin anything too practical in our lives, Just as bad, the oval trays were really hard to empty, You have to run water over them to get them to release the cubes. So back to the store they went and good riddance. The old fridge ending up dying, it would not cool below 45 degrees F. I learned milk spoils in a week at this temp.
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Here is the infernal abominable ice cube tray I got at the Florida grocery store. It sucks.
Here is the name of the tray, pretty hard to make out. Everything about it was shabby.
A close-up of the logo, I can;'t quite make it out, maybe Startllie". Its hard to tell.
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