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Sunday, Feb 22, 2015

Bed frame fix

Nothing worse than a rickety bed frame that attaches a headboard and footboard. pdf version
I got this bed frame on eBay as a European antique. I doubt it is that old, but it came with the set, an armoire, dresser, vanity, and two end-tables.

In my old house, The Domicile of the Future, the bed was pretty stable, since I could shove the headboard against the wall. No so here at Tranquility Base here in Florida. The wall behind the headboard is shared with the neighbor's unit, its a duplex.
So without the stability provided by the headboard pushed against the wall, the bed was pretty rickety. I would not feel secure leaning against the headboard while I read in bed.

I needed a radical solution, that would add as much structure as possible. I decided to add these heavy L-brackets to the corners. On the footboard shown above, I used hex wood screws so it would not show on the outside.
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That is a American Queen-sized bed but the frame I got from Europe via eBay. So I took the sides and made a tongue with a jigsaw. That way I can extend the length of the frame. The frame does not support the bed, you can see the little legs under the box spring, another "Euro" type setup.

The headboard was where I wanted the strongest structure. Thankfully, the headboard was where I could use through-bolts. Here you can see eight 1/4-20 bolts securing the L-bracket. I intended to have fender washers under all the bolt heads, but I am unable to count past the number of fingers I have. You can see the washers pulling in from crushing.
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Here is the frame secured with the L-brackets. Its rock solid.
I bought these wimpy brackets and screws and returned them when it was obvious they were not going to be stiff enough.
This the Home Depot receipt with the strong L-brackets, screws and bolts.
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