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Saturday, Jun 21, 2008

Jackhammer stairs and stumps

I rent an electric jackhammer from the Home Depot contractor store. The garage stairs go. Stumps too. pdf version
The Sunnyvale house I bought in 2008 was pretty rough. The bushes and trees were wildly overgrown. There had been a remodel that paved over the garage door for the kitchen, but they left the steps in the garage despite the door being nailed shut.
An early task as new owner was to cut down a lot of overgrown bushes. That left a lot of stumps. They garage had been converted to an apartment they could rent out, so I ripped that out, installed a garage door, and pulled in my five Sportsters.
I put up with the stairs and the stumps for three months. Then I went to the Home Depot contractor store. I think it was called HDC or something. They had a nice electric jackhammer to rent. I did not want the hassle of an air-powered one, I would have to tow a compressor home to use it.

The jackhammer came with its own nifty red dolly. This was only electric version they had. I have had a Bosch electric drill charger go bad, but this thing did great.
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You can the steps nestled next to my XR-1000 motorcycle. There will be much more room in the garage with the stairs gone. The door is nailed shut, a former remodel put a wall up on the other side.
Here are the steps ready to get jack-hammered.
The lower step demolished, it went really great.
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Here is the jackhammer bit doing its thing on the bottom step. It broke apart in less than an hour. It was a great feeling.
Don't be an idiot, use safety glasses or a mask.

Here's the money shot of the crumbled stairs after the jack hammer did its thing. Despite being electric, it worked.
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The jackhammer came with a spade bit. Since I had to cut through roots I sharpened up the bit.
Here is one stump soon to be dispatched.
Boom, piece of cake. The jackhammer sliced right through deep down at the roots. It never grew back.
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There were several other stumps I cut out.
A big stump that was in a hole in the porch concrete, it the way of a door in the fence. Duh.
The jackhammer made quick work of that stump too. Its great when you can get stairs and stumps taken care of at once.
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