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Wednesday, Oct 6, 2010

Mini-mouse comparison

I bought several mini-mice from Amazon. One hit the trash immediately, the Belkin took longer. pdf version
Inexpensive consumer items have dozens of different brands. While ratings on Amazon might have some validity, they could just as well be shill ratings or ratings from some disgruntled idiot that never read the instructions. So I have taken to just buying several of the items to try them out for my self. I don't bother to return the items I just give them away or trash them. Such was the case  2010-10-06_Mini-mouse_02.jpgHere. I bought three mice. One was so crappy at the USB cable connector I tossed it immediately. The Belkin unit took a month before it's connector gave out. The IOGEAR unit worked fine and is still working 9 years later.
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