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Saturday, Feb 15, 2014

Leave Cali day 1

The move to Florida, dumping books and making lists. pdf version
I was in my cube working in Silicon Valley. I overheard a woman in the hall say, "I hear houses are selling for over asking price again." I had bought my first house in 2008 and it was soon underwater. If I could get my money back out of it I could move to Florida, where I owned my deceased parent's house fee-and-clear. The only snag was "the stuff". I had accumulated an immense amount of it. I had been selling off test equipment from my lab for years at a local electronics flea market. Yet there was so much more to get rid of. I decided to toss all the books first. Many were textbooks that went back to college days. The remaining books I sold or gave away. All the EDN magazines on the bottom shelves I tossed in a dumpster. EDN did not want to pay for me to scan them, so out they went.
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2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_01 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_02
Boxes from the 2008 move in to toss the books.
2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_03 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_04
Various textbooks that go back to college.
2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_05 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_06
Little Brown and Kuhn and a box for dumpster.
2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_07 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_08
More textbooks that go back to college.
2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_09 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_10
Here's a "Solar Fraud" book and for sale books.
2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_11 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_12
Books headed for the dumpster.
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2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_13 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_14
Textbooks and the Feynman for the dump.
2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_15 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_16
Yet more books headed for the dump.
2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_17 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_18
Some Spork biographies and more textbooks.
2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_19 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_20
All these went to the dump too, no time to sell.
2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_21 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_22
Great analog books also went to the dump.
2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_23 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_24
The Browning catalog I had scanned. The GMI yearbooks got scanned and tossed as well.
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2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_25 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_26
Some fiction and non-fiction also got dumped.
2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_27 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_28
Jarad Diamond and Hunter Thompson tossed.
2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_29 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_30
Karl Hess and more textbooks for the dump.
2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_31 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_32
Lots of analog books got tossed as well.
2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_33 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_34
Yearbooks got scanned, Salgado given away.
2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_35 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_36
The last few boxed and ready for the dump.
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2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_37 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_38
The empty shelves and Sunnyvale dump.
2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_39 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_40
More dump scenes and the inside of the van.
2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_41 2014-02-15_Leave-Cali-day-1_42
A few books to sell at the flea market.  Speaking of which, I rebuilt the table so I could display my wares.
2014-02-15_02_Sell-lab-music.jpg 2014-02-15_03_Living-plan.jpg
Part of preparing for this big move was making lists and notes, often at work where I was getting stir-crazy.

On the left is the plan for what to keep or sell in my electronics lab and the music room. The right has an overall plan to dump stuff, scan all my papers, give away the eight desks I still had from my shop. Turns out the metal collectors took them off the curb. Yippee.
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2014-02-15_06_Easy-peasey.jpg 2014-02-15_04_4-room-plan.jpg
The left is an "easy peasey list for selling the Monarch lathe abd fixing up my six Harleys.
The right is a "4-room plan for the bedroom, dressing room, electronics lab, and music room.
2014-02-15_05_First-to-go.jpg 2014-02-15_07_Make-a-list.jpg
A "first to go" list back when I thought I might scan the EDN magazines for $1400. I don't own the copyright, so to the dump they went.
On the right was a matrix I made of room contents and disposition. All this is the five stages of grief for giving up stuff.
2014-02-15_08_Mid-year-layout.jpg 2014-02-15_09_Spring-cleaning.jpg
Here was a mid-year plan for how I was going to shuffle things around in the house. I considered using PODs to move, but gave up.
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2014-02-15_12_Garage-plan.jpg 2014-02-15_13_Kitchen-plan.jpg
Here is yet another plan for the garage, next to a a plan for the kitchen. I was not able to sell my antique hutch and buffet, so it was easier to just move them to Florida. They fit in my big kitchen just fine and I am glad I kept them.
2014-02-15_10_Pod1.jpg 2014-02-15_11_Garage-layout.jpg
Back when I considered using moving PODs, I made the plan on the left. It was appealing to me since I could empty the house myself to sell it. I ended up just using professional movers.

Here was the notice from Sunnyvale they were going to let some developer build six huge buildings across the highway. Turns out the buildings were for Google. It did make the house worth more. In the two years since I have moved, the house value went up over $100k. I tell people it was worth that to get out of Silicon Valley when I did. Good riddence.
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