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Sunday, Feb 16, 2014

Leave Cali day 2

The move to Florida, selling the machinery on Craigslist. pdf version
My garage in Silicon Valley had six Sportsters and this beautiful Monarch toolroom lathe. It has an infinitely variable speed so machinists love it. Now that the house I bought in 2008 was above water, I could sell it and move to Florida. I would not have to work for corporations anymore, other than some freelance writing to keep from spending savings. Besides this lathe I had a giant mill out in the side yard from when I closed my shop. It was old and rusty and obsolete. I designed and built a control for it, but with no tool-changer the mill was worthless. The guy that bought the lathe had the riggers scrap the mill. A happy day seeing it go. I also sold an air compressor, phase converter, and the control rack for the mill. It helped finance the move.
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2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_01 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_02
The empty bookshelf and some books to sell.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_03 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_04
Some more books to sell or give away.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_05 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_06
The 8000-pound Bostomatic milling machine.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_07 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_08
From my shop this went in the side yard.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_09 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_10
Sold the lathe and gave this to the rigger for scrap. Worthless, even if it was not rusty.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_11 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_12
Rusty ways and a rebuilt Quincy compressor.
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2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_13 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_14
Sold the compressor cheap, its 3-phase.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_15 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_16
Panels I designed for the mill, gave away.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_17 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_18
Parted out the rack I designed for the mill.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_19 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_20
The rack and packing material in the shed.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_21 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_22
Popcorn for eBay sales and antenna mast base.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_23 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_24Gave the mast and rotator to a pal.
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2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_25 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_26
Phase Perfect 3-phase inverter, sold for cash.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_27 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_28
Tooling for the Monarch lathe worth a lot.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_29 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_30
Got the lathe and tooling, $1500 at Dovebid.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_31 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_32
Sold with the lathe rather than parting out.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_33 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_34
Tools from the microwave company auction.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_35 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_36
The Monarch is beautiful but too big and heavy to ship to the house in Florida.
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2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_37 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_38
Lathe had a flux-vector speed control.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_39 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_40
This is where the dc control used to go.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_41 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_42
Expensive tool holder and a collet feed.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_43 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_44
One of the belts was broken
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_45 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_46
It had an inductor for noise and brake resistors.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_47 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_48
The Phase Perfect had inductors for noise as well. Better sold than moved to Florida.
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2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_49 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_50
The rating plates on the Phase Perfect. It was a beautiful unit that creates the third phase with an inverter rather than use capacitors. It is ideal to run 3-phase CNC machines. I bought it to run the lathe, mill and air compressor.
2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_51 2014-02-16_Leave-cali-day-2_52
This is literally the money shot, The lathe and tooling I paid $1,500 for sold for $4,400 on Craigslist.. Best yet, the guy asked the rigger to take the mill to the scrapyard at no charge to me.

That milling machine was the 8,000-pound albatross that was keeping me from moving. I sold the controller rack dirt cheap at the electronic flea market.

The air compressor and Phase Perfect sold on Craigslist as well. With money from that, the eFlea, and eBay I put enough cash together to finance the move.

I still had 14,000 pounds, a lot of motorcycle parts, tools, and test equipment. The movers were amazed, they had to send for a second crew.

Even though it was only February, the big rush was to move the stuff to Florida ASAP, so I could list the house empty. I lived in a studio apartment for 6 months for the balance of 2014. I flew to Florida for good just before Christmas.
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