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Saturday, Feb 22, 2014

Leave Cali day 3

The bookshelf is gone. More books and magazines to the dump. pdf version
With the books magazines and giant bookshelf cleared out of the master bedroom, next up was the music room. On the left is the little alter I built years ago, I moved all that stuff to Florida but have yet to put it back up. In the right is software boxes I tossed, while keeping the disks. Above that is a guitar amplifier I designed using FET transistors. It too made the move to Florida, I have yet to unpack it. The disk boxes above "the alter" all got tossed. To the right is a product I found at a local salvage yard. The "In The Picture" was a tripod accessory that used two sound trackers to follow you around as you moved. It was a little choppy, but I could see it used to take still pictures as you move around the house. I wanted to reverse engineer it to make it smoother and more accurate. I still have it.
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The bookshelf in the master bedroom is gone. The books I tossed or sold. The EDN magazines went to the dump. The shelves  I gave to a pal to use in his storage unit.
DVDs to pack up so I can give the shelfs away.
More books and papers to toss or scan.
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My 1974 Chevy van loaded with boxes of EDN Magazine from 1974 to 2002..
Another view. Note the custom van interior I designed and installed back in the 80s.
Boxes re-arranged to fit more in. EDN did not want to help pay for scanning, so its the dump.
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