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Monday, Feb 24, 2014

Leave Cali day 4

The move to Florida, tossing CD cases and software. pdf version
This was the first of many garbage cans I filled with "stuff". Sunnyvale picks up the trash once a week, and my goal was to fill the bin every single week. The goal was to get the house empty by July by moving the contents to the house I inherited in Florida. Then I would live for 6 more months in a studio apartment while the house sold. It gave me more income, which you need with $1,725 apartment rent. This bin has the software boxes and the CD cases. Its cheaper to toss a little every week than go to the dump and pay. I did go to the dump for bigger things like the boxes full of magazines. When you really go through the house looking at every single thing you have to pay a dollar a pound to move, you soon realize a lot of that precious stuff can get sold, or tossed, or given away. 
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Typical OCD engineer, I kept collecting empty CD cases. They all went into the dumpster.
Not just one box, but a second box tossed.
And old box with click art on floppy disks. The printed preview was nice until Windows could display images in the file explorer. Tossed.
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The closet shelf in the music room with junk.
The little alter I built in the music room. This was in an earlier post, and it looks like I still haven't trashed the software binders.
Ahhh the software headed for the Sunnyvale dump, I got to be a regular visitor.
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More software boxes headed to the dump, I kept the disks but no need to pay a mover.
I had a chipboard box to the side that held a bunch of books and odds and ends. I kept the Mackie mixer, but have yet to hook it up after 2 years in Florida.

I had two Digital 8 video cameras to shoot 2-camera interviews and such. I used them to transfer all the video files to my Synology NAS (network attached storage). I gave the cameras away to a video buff pal, and gave a big box of tapes to a pal that does tape backups for his consulting business,

The two red binders were music lyrics and notes that I scanned into the computer so I could toss the binders.
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