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Wednesday, Feb 26, 2014

Leave Cali day 5

The move to Florida, selling cables and computer stuff. pdf version
I loved my orange phone with the black plastic shoulder rest. Then my programmer buddies taught me how great headsets are, especially with a portable phone. I should have tossed out the orange phone the day I bought my Plantronics CT-11 portable phone. Instead I kept this orange phone for years. Here its in a box headed to the Silicon Valley electronics flea market, the eFlea as my buddies call it. In addition a 100mbps network hub, unused since I bought a 1Gbps unit. A couple keyboards and mice, and a brand new DVI cable. I probably sold them for peanuts, but even a few dollars help towards the moving fund. The eFlea is also a social event that I see my friends. I used to buy stuff there, but I learned its much better to sell. A pal's wife calls all our junk "volume absorbers".
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I built chipboard storage cabinets back when I lived in a shop. The problem with big cabinets is they fill up. I did move the three cabinets to Florida. But all these wires and stuff had to go. I gave a bunch to a pal that has a consulting business. Others I sold at the eFlea. The house wiring in the lower shelf I donated to the historical radio society. They had bought a new building and needed to add facilities.

Here is another view of the shelf. It was completely empty when I was done. The Harley gas tanks on top I moved to Florida. I sold many of them at the AMCA swap meet in Dayton in 2017. It was a great trip. I rented an SUV to carry a bunch of Sportster parts. That K-model tank on the left made me 200 dollars. Thing is, I should have sold all this stuff before I moved, rather than pay a dollar a pound move.
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Here are the boxes of stuff ready for the eFlea. I didn't make much, but it got me out of the house once a month. It also let me see buddies who I could give this junk to. Some of them have more stuff than me and were delighted to get something for free.2014-02-26_Leave-Cali-day-5_05
The big payoff, the cabinet after I took the stuff away. I kept the plug strip and some Ethernet cables since I figured I could use them in the new house. I figure after the complete collapse of society plug strips will be used as currency, in the hops electricity will be restored one day. I still moved way to much cabling. I have two walls with cable hangers stuffed with cables I will never use. I will donate them to the computer club here in the community association. I should have gotten rid of two big computers too, rather than move them.
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