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Monday, May 5, 2014

Leave Cali day 21

I clean out the shed, and work on the shop area inside the house. pdf version
There was a decrepit shed in the back yard of the house. I knew I had to clean it up to get ready to list the house and take pictures. So this was the day to go out and start removing things. The shed had many flattened boxes that I had used to move into the house in 2008. I had resolved to be moved by professionals, so I no longer needed any boxes. The shed was also dirty, after years of neglect. Oh, that blue ladder, yeah, it made the move to Florida, it's in the garage. The asphalt-covered plywood, I used as privacy shields for the seven years I lived in the house. It's pretty embarrassing now that I look at them. I did draw up plans to rebuild the shed, but to do it surreptitiously, since it was big enough it would not be permitted as new construction. I did not need the room, so it never happened.
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The inside of the shed was littered with shipping Styrofoam and scrap boards.
I had stashed a vacuum pump that I got from a plastics company next to my old shop.
An electric chain saw made quick work of the plywood covered with tar paper.
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I sawed the sheets up small enough to take to the dump in my 1974 Chevy van.
I got the shed cleaned out pretty well.
One help was this ac-powered Toro leaf blower that converted to a vacuum. It let me get all the Styrofoam popcorn cleaned up.
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I ended up with plenty of wood to scrap.
I set up two sawhorses and a door and piled on the junk that was going to be tossed.
I spread the contents of the shed all over the side yard, to stage it for disposition to the dump, or to sell, or to give to friends.
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I was given the barbecue by Tim Regan, and so I gave it to Dave Mathis. The York squat racks came when I moved to Cali from Michigan.
There were plenty of empty boxes to toss..
The vacuum pump I sold or gave away. The 9" Advanced DC motor I moved to Florida.
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When I boarded up the house to keep the noise down, these window frames went into the shed.
Here are the Jesse Owens memorial squat racks, because Jesse is supposed to have touched them in Cleveland Ohio, where I grew up.
They say "York Bar Bell." It sold on Craigslist.
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Many times I had to organize things before disposing of them. The shed looks better.
Here are some boxes from the 2008 move.
More boxes. The 2008 move was short range, from my shop at 1161 Tasman to this house on Plaza Drive.
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The cardboard went out front for the recycling pickup later in the week.
I got the vacuum pump sold on Craigslist.
I then turned to the room in the house where I worked on my Harleys. I had to fix two of them to get ready for the move.
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Another view. I got both bikes fixed in time.
I took the metal toolboxes and the bench to the apartment I rented for the last six months..
This sprocket cover got put on my 1962 Sportster, yet another motorcycle job to do before the move.
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Another bike needed this sprocket cover.
All the toolboxes on the right made the move to Florida.
There are a bunch of Harley parts in plastic bins and the wood cabinet. All made the move, a mistake, I should have sold the parts off.
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