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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Leave Cali day 20

I take some hazardous materials to the Sunnyvale dump, and backup files from the mill project. pdf version
I think it was twice a year that Sunnyvale would take any hazardous materials from any city homeowner, no questions asked. This was very fortunate, since my Mentor, Big John Massa had given me a container of potassium cyanide be bought decades ago in Texas. He used the cyanide to gold-plate the edge-card connector fingers on PCB boards he made. He said he once deplated his wedding ring to meet the deadline for a hot project. He planed to plate the gold back on before his wife noticed. She noticed the first night. Busted. I was so glad Sunnyvale offered this service, I had no idea how to dispose of this stuff. This day I also went through some project binders for the Bostomatic milling machine I scrapped a few weeks before. I saved the files and backed them up. The binders got tossed.
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I hired a pal to work on the controller part of the mill. He was diligent enough to make up this binder for me.
His design notes, software, and schematics were included.
I backed it all up on my NAS.
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Once I made sure I had the files, I could toss the binders, no need to keep them anymore.
The binders also had contact info that I could scan or take a picture of.
Purchase orders and bills of material were there, some with red-lines I scanned.
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The cabinet in the garage gets a little lighter every week. It was bittersweet, tossing this.
Here is the cyanide that my mentor gave me, I assume because he could not dispose of it..
I think it only takes a few drops to kill you. I double-bagged it for the dump workers.
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On the way to the dump, I noticed this little plant fighting for survival. I thought it was a good life lesson, to just keep growing.

Here is another milling machine binder. This was for that ac cabinet I tore apart a few days before. I documented the enclosure here, as well as posting all the design files. I figured there was no need to haul binders to Florida if I had all the files on my hard drive and the internet.

I developed a good mindset about this time, "What can I get rid of, sell, or give away?" If the Sunnyvale hazmat day did not come up at the perfect time, I would have had to taken all the stuff to the apartment I rented the last six months in California, to wait for the day I could dispose of this. Hurray serendipity.
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