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Friday, May 2, 2014

Leave Cali day 19

Considering all the garage liquids I won't be able to move, tossing some kitchen stuff. pdf version
One problem with being moved professionally is all the stuff they won't take. No oxygen or acetylene bottles form the welding stuff. No weapons. And worst of all, no liquids. So I took a picture for future longing of all the fluids in the garage I have to toss or give away to friends. Now some of this stuff did make the move, I still have the grease gun and tubes of polish and grease. A buddy said the thing to do is to rent a 24-foot U-haul and drive it one-way to Florida. He even offered to help. I also have another friend living in Phoenix who is a professional test driver who would have helped. I wanted to leave Silicon Valley on a first-class one-way flight. Very very stupid, I should have rented the truck, even if it took two weeks to get across the country.
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Many days at work I would take a break to write down the plans for the move. I had decided to leave the house empty around July, and rent for the last six months I was in California. It turned out I ended up renting a studio apartment in Sunnyvale on a month-by month lease.

But this day I was considering renting a room at the Motel Six for six months. Renting a room for six months would cost $5,000. Staying in my house the rest of the year would cost $30k. So it was a no-brainer to sell the house soon. But the Motel Six won't rent for over 30 days.

The apartment I rented was $1675 a month, yeah, for a studio, and I used it for six months. So that was about $10k instead of $5k at the Motel Six. It still paid out, even though the house closed in September. I needed the apartments, a motel room would not have been big enough to hold all the documents I scanned.
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I dismantled a chair, and can't remember what for, or why, or what I did with the thing.
The antique hutch in the kitchen had a bunch of glassware. The Toast-O-Lator toaster I sold.
I loved giant mugs to last all day long keeping me hydrated. More glassware to toss.
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All the glass and mugs went to the garbage.
I tried to sell the hutch and matching buffet, but ended up moving them to Florida.
More stuff I cleared out ended up in the "recycling" side of bin. The other side was for paper. Sunnyvale decided to split the bins.
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I used this camping container for 30 years, in the saddlebag of my Harley to carry an extra quart of gasoline. It was time to trash it.
I left the garden tools to care for the house, then gave them away or took some to Florida.
Another garage cabinet getting ready to move.
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