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Tuesday, Apr 8, 2014

Leave Cali day 16

I sell two Kurt vises, part out a machinery cabinet, and build a generator test rack. pdf version
The above picture is actually on April 10, not the 8th, but it's close enough to go in this batch of pics. After I got rid of the Bostomatic mill, I had these two Kurt vises. Stupidly, I had left them on the machine in the side yard, covered by a tarp, and they got a lot of surface rust. I sold them to fellow Analog Aficionado Len Sherman, who has a home machine shop. I think I asked 20 bucks each, since he is a pal. Meanwhile, I tore apart an ac power cabinet I built for the Bostomatic retrofit project. This was a mistake, as I later sold the other cabinets off at the eFlea to great young guy that wanted to do his own retrofit. I built a test rack for Harley generators, and got the living room organized. I get ready to box up all my CDs and DVDs, thought I gave away the bookshelves there were stored on.
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This was the ac distribution cabinet. It had a bunch of breakers, an EMI module, and a big transformer to make power for the dc servos.
The cabinet had a 3-phase bridge and  a bunch of connectors.
Out comes the EMI module.
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There was also a small transformer to make the 24VAC emergency shutoff circuit. This was the bottom unit in the 19-inch rack that I designed to retrofit the old paper tape and Nova Data General computer that ran the mill.

The dc servos where by Copley Controls. They were MOSFET PWM units mounted in another cabinet. That is where I put the large capacitors to make the raw dc power. You want the caps as close to the amplifiers as you can get, so lead inductance does not cause switching spikes.

I spent over $20k on the redesign. By the time it was done, it would have been easier to just buy a Haas mill.
The connectors sold at the eFlea, I did not bother to salvage the copper wire.
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I trashed a box with an old video card and some connectors. I saved the red photo tray.
Now to build something, I used the Bostomatic rack to make a generator test rig..
I mounted these angles to support the heavy power supply on the bottom.
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This is a Sorensen DCR40-70B dc power supply.
The rack with various loads goes in the middle. There is a dc motor to spin a Harley generator..
I put a home-made dc supply on top of the Sorensen. The rack is on casters.
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This rig made the move to Florida, I use it to test generators that I rebuild.
In the living room I have set up a computer to use until I move.
The dressing room has an original Wesley Willis artwork. Note the soundproofed window.
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The music room is cleared out, but I kept the little alter I built over the years.
The DVDs made the move, the booksehelves did not.
I am still fixing the Teac 3440 4-track, I need it working to play the tapes into the computer.
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You can just make out those Kurt vises from the lede picture. Also my Ooma phone and NAS.
I put the boxes by the CDs that I am going to pack up to move to Florida.
The temp chamber rack is on its way to the eFlea. I trashed the bookshelves.
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