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Wednesday, Mar 26, 2014

Leave Cali day 15

Another work project book hits the trash. I scan any red-lines and make sure I have the files. pdf version
I am not sure why this picture is in this folder. It was taken a month later than the pictures of the design notebook. It's colorful, so I left it in.

Meanwhile, I take on another project binder to toss out. I make sure I scan any red-lined documents, and then checked to make sure I still have all the files on my NAS (network attached storage) hard drive backup.
This was a design for an F-16 fighter plane radar jamming pod. The modulator is what turns on the traveling wave tube (TWT). The goal was to have the delay of the modulator be under 25ns. This is across a 10,000 Volt isolation boundary  I got it down to 14ns. Instead of using  ECL logic, I used Fast TTL, the 54F74xx mil-spec stuff. This was just part of the work I did for Teledyne in the 1990s.
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The binder is tattered since it was a long and difficult project.
It involved designing, getting the boards laid out, the production boards built, and testing.
I know it is just a tattered old binder to you, but to me it represents a long happy project.
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Like the other binders, I used color-coded tabs to organize things.
I did a whole bunch of other work on this radar jamming pod, including mechanical design.
I tossed the binder in the trash, but made sure I still have the design files. This project was not classified, it was for a foreign customer.
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