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Wednesday, Apr 30, 2014

Leave Cali day 17

I get the temperature chamber rack off to the Silicon Valley electronic flea market. pdf version
It was easy to collect things in the three decades I was in Silicon Valley. When I had my consulting business, I would cruise the electronic salvage yards every week. On one hand it was a great way to get cheap tools and stuff. But I learned a lesson designing a prototype with parts I found at a salvage yard. The product went into production, and the parts were no longer available retail. I found this temperature chamber at one of the salvage yards. The cooling was done with CO2, not liquid nitrogen, so I thought it would be great for my shop. Once I had the chamber, it did not take long to find a beautiful 19-inch rack to put it in. I think that was an HP rack, meant for their servers. It was really well built. It was on casters. The little feet screw down once you got the rack in place.
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I had to build a ramp to get the rack out of the house. I found this plywood in the shed.
I cut a little notch in the plywood so it would fit into the doorway.
The setup needed one more board to get down to street level.
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Here is the gap in the living room with that rack gone. I learned to cherish any action that got stuff out of the house. Selling on eBay and Craigslist worked well. I started this a year before but sold in earnest once I decided to move to Florida.
The ramp also made it easy to get the Kurt vises down to the van, where I could load them up and take them to a pal.

When it was all done, I should have started the move a year earlier. I could have taken time to see things off at the best price. I could have stripped some parts off the Bostomatic mill that I scrapped. I also could have sold off a lot of the Harley parts I had been hoarding for 40 years. I paid to move them to Florida, then took a lot to a swap meet and sold the stuff cheap.
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