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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Leave Cali day 24

A lot of stuff sold at the eFlea, scanning and organizing continues apace. pdf version
So after taking the stuff from yesterday's post to the eFlea, I came home to these empty shelves. The audio equalizer is gone, the floppy disk plastic cabinets and the hot plate and iron are all sold with money in my pocket.

The boxes have CDs and DVDs that are going to make the move to Florida. The binders and papers are to be scanned and tossed.
The plug strip got moved, you can never have enough plug strips. The bookshelves got given to Marty McGrath, or he may have paid for them, I can't remember. He took 15 of them off my hands. I was going to have professional movers come in July, so I wanted to get rid of anything not going to Florida, or not going to the apartment I rented for the last six months I was in Silicon Valley.
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That box is for the documents I have scanned, I dump it in the trash or take it to the dump.
the "dining room" has less stuff after the flea market. The desk & bookcase made the move.
The wire is waiting for Alan Martin to pick up. The bookcase got put on the curb.
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