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Friday, May 9, 2014

Leave Cali day 23

I stupidly give away parts bin cabinets. Several items go the flea market. The lab gets cleared out. pdf version
The little parts bin cabinets above were a big mistake. I gave them to a pal, and all he did was empty the contents into plastic baggies and sell those for a dollar, while he sold the cabinets for 15 bucks. All this at the same eFlea that was going to every week selling off bigger things. I have to hand it to him, he knew how to get the most value the quickest way out of the bins. The move to Florida cost about a dollar a pound. This stuff is light. I had another bunch of parts bins full or new nuts and bolts. I gave them to the same buddy, he did the exact same thing, and I have been needing the odd nut or bolt ever since. Even at a dollar a pound, I should have moved all those to Florida. None if this is really critical. After all, I can buy new bins and new nuts and bolts, so no tragedy.
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It's a Friday, and I am preparing to go the eFlea to sell as much stuff as I can for this month. At work I would jot down items to do once I got home. The first item in the notes refers to my transcribing  audio tapes into my computer via a Fireface 800. I had cassettes, 10-inch reels and 7-inch reels. You can see I had taken ten evenings to record the cassettes. I budgeted a full day for the 7-inch tapes. I gave myself two full days to transcribe the 10-inch tapes. I sold the Heathkit player and gave my Teac 3440 away to Steve Williams. I also budgeted day to put a new top end on my 1979 Sportster, and a day for a tranny job on my 1977 Sportster. Of course, my 1996 Harley broke while I was doing this. I also built crates for three separate Sportster motors. I should have sold them the year before. I ended up selling them at the Daytona AMCA swap meet in 2017. I planned to trash 6 or 7 desks, give bookcases to friends Marty McGrath or Steve Williams, dump wood and metal, give a cabinet to Martin Delateur, and a BBQ and other stuff to Dave Mathis.
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A sketch of the house floor-plan showed stuff going to the eFlea, the shed, and the curb.
I trashed some mystery paper.
I scanned these notebooks so I could toss them as well. I was scanning most every day.
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The boxes are CDs and DVDs going to make the move. Other stuff is staged to sell or toss.
More odd and ends for the eFlea. There is an antique typewriter I ended up giving away too.
I sold off the circuit boards, and a bunch of components at the eFlea the next day.
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I gave the wire to Alan Martin who donated it to the Ham radio museum in Berkeley..
I went through the desks in the lab to keep or toss. I kept the leads and the chair.
More test leads and an aluminum Zero enclosure plate. All made the move.
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The hook-up wire made the move, as did the rack and the transformers.
All this got packed, but the desk got tossed.
The computer and this stuff made the move, but the desk got put on the curb. I had eight of these I bought from Applied Materials facilities.
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GPIB cables I moved but then mailed back to Alan Martin.
The microscope and test equipment made the move, but the desk got the curb treatment.
The Harley generator test rack made the move. I still use it to test generators I rebuild.
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Another view of lab stuff to move including both Kennedy tool boxes. The close one I got from Fran Hoffart. The halogen lights are junk.
2014-05-09_Leave-Cali-day-23_21The shelf made the move, as did the test equipment and microscope.
The HP 3377A and other stuff for the eFlea.
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The box of miscellaneous lab stuff might have been a mistake to sell off. I got good money for the garbage-can capacitors, but there are hundreds of chip caps and ICs in the box.

On one hand, it was not much weight to move to Florida, but on the other, I have only missed one or two chips, that I ended up buying on Amazon. The move was a move, but also a life change, which meant less electronics and more of everything else.
The equalizer I think I gave to Steve Williams, the hotplate and iron went to the eFlea, and those floppy disk cabinets sold surprisingly well. The treadmill was given to me by Tim Regan, and I still have it. I believe Marty McGrath took all the bookshelves, I hope he got them built and is still using them.
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