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Friday, May 23, 2014

Leave Cali day 32

More work on the 1979 Sportster, some electrical work, and plans for the apartment. pdf version
Yesterday was getting the top end put on the 1979 Sportster. Today its fixing the gasoline petcock, changing the oil, putting in a new battery, and some other odds and ends. In addition, I put cover plates on some junction boxes in the garage. The house inspection would have problems with open boxes. Yet another silly thing I should have done the month I moved in, instead leaving in a month. The bike had some final work on the ignition on Day 40. I had a leak at the oil pump I fix on Day 41. When the bike got to Florida, oil poured out when the mover pushed it into the driveway. I had changed the right peg to mount on the frame, and when I took out the giant stud that mounted the peg on the engine, I forgot to screw in a short bolt to plug the hole.
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This was the petcock in the 1979 Sportster gas tank.
I had all the spares on hand. I rebuilt or replaced what I had to. The plate mounts the On-Off switch for the bike.
I added a plate for a switch box in the garage.
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I had this bigger switch box that was open as well.
That was an easy fix.
I learned it is best to just put a new battery in any bike that has sat for more than a year. Here I add the acid. I like Yuasa brand batteries.
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I change the engine oil and filter. The oil is full of aluminum particles from the blown piston.
I had to wire in the oil pressure switch.
The bike is nearly ready. I have a hoist set up in the side room to get the bike down on the floor where I can roll it into the garage.
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The 1979 is the far bike. The 1977 nearer needs a transmission job. That is tomorrow.
It's a Friday, so while at work, I sketch out how I want to set up the studio apartment I am going to rent the last six months I am in Silicon Valley. I rented an apartment in late June. I moved the house contents and bikes to Florida in July, closed house the sale in September, and left in December. No regrets.
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