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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Leave Cali day 25

I give away some parts bins, trim a few trees, and crate a Harley motor. pdf version
Above is one the steel desks that I did move to Florida, and use to this day. I have four of them. One for the electronics lab, one for the music studio, and two in the living room shop where I can work on Harleys in cool air-conditioned comfort. The desk above holds the base of a crate with one of my spare Sportster motors mounted to it. I crated and shipped four motors from Silicon Valley to Tampa Florida. I got these desks from the Repo Depot, a used furniture place in Mountain View on El Camino highway. I bought them in the early 1980s, and they still work well. I wish I could say as much about modern desks.

This desk also has some fasteners and odds and ends I am giving away or tossing into the trash. Al less stuff to move to Florida.
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The rest of the work area had the two motorcycles I had yet to fix, a dozen Sportster fuel tanks, and bins full of fasteners & parts.
I gave my antenna rotator to Dave Mathis for his ham rig. RIP Dave, I miss him every day.
Dave got the tower, this antenna I sold at eFlea.
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International Man of Mystery Martin Delateur takes away lots of metal and wood. A real help.
I kept the Zero deep-drawn enclosure, I sold the rest at the eFlea or gave it to Martin.
Martin took all this metal. I could have sold it if I had more time.
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More metal and other stuff Martin took away. He also took the cabinets themselves.
A bunch of metal bars in a metal shelf.
There were hundreds of pounds of metal that I had accumulated over the years. I have to say I have not missed any of it.
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I am pretty sure I gave way the come-along, or maybe sold it at the eFlea.
A cabinet empty and ready for Martin to take away in his 3/4 ton Chevy pickup.
I gave the bins to Martin, a big mistake. I did keep the wood cabinets that I built in 1985.
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More bins full of stuff I stupidly gave away.
I missed this bin with cotter pins and springs almost the day I arrived in Florida..
Another shot of the antenna I sold off. It was anchored to a cherry tree that I over-pruned and killed, a real amateur move.
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The plastic and chipboard were easy to throw out.
The ladder made the move but all this other stuff got trashed or given away.
This is the cherry tree that I killed by over-pruning it. I must have given away the saw.
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The big walnut tree in the back yard was overgrown.
The ladder and saw made quick work of a few branches. I wanted this area to look bigger in the real estate photos.

The previous owner rented out that shed to a tenant. He also rented the converted garage apartment. My first act in the house was to rip out the illegal garage addition, and put in a new garage door and opener. Welcome to Silicon Valley. I once saw a guy living in the abandoned ice machine at the convenience mart on South Bernardo and El Camino. Now Shoreline Blvd is lined with campers from end to end. It's nice to be in a state like Florida where people can afford housing. Thing is, house prices are going up here now too.
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