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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Leave Cali day 26

The electronics lab gets cleared out and packed a bit more. The bookshelves get staged to give away. pdf version
Today it's back to the bedroom I used as an electronics lab. It looks chaotic since I have gone through it all and what you see here is the stuff I want to move to Florida. Now, the three black desks will get put on the curb, for the metal salvagers to pick up pre-dawn. The rest of this stuff I will pre-pack for the movers, so it does not get damaged. Nothing here got broken on the move. Up front you see the HP 8590A spectrum analyzer. It made the move, and I got to use it in Fig 12 of a teardown article. One thing that didn't make the move were the speakers. I moved them to the apartment I rented for the last six months I was in Silicon Valley, but either gave them away or tossed them in the dumpster at the apartments. I love the fire-proof wastebaskets, those made the move too.
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The day before these pictures, the Wednesday at work, I made this list of what I wanted to get accomplished. It starts out with a note to pack up the lab, which you can see in the lede picture. Next was to remove the bookcases, which I gave to Marty McGrath, and to toss out the three metal desks. They went to the curb and were gone by morning.

The next note was about the bedroom I used to record music. There I had to pack what I could pack, remove one metal desk, transcribe tapes into the computer "like a fiend," and give yet more bookshelves to Marty. The bedroom I used as a dressing room had a note to use old clothes for padding in the move, or toss them. For the dining room there was scanning and a fire safe to sort through. The living room had more scanning and those bookcases for Marty. For the shop, I noted to empty the cabinets, cut down the wash sink, make some engine crates, and dump some parts in the "Harley bins".
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One of the boxes that I used to move in can be re-purposed to ship on eBay.
This is an HP 500MHz pulse generator headed for eBay to ship in the box above.
Here are some bookcases in the living room ready for Marty McGrath to pick up.
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More bookshelves moved from the lab, ready for Marty.
There is still some scanning in that box.
Some of the bookcase shelves had missing pegs, but Marty was glad to get them anyway. I think he set then up in his garage.
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Here is a TV with the emails to and from Marty asking if he wanted the bookcases. It was great to get rid of them all.
Another view of the lab, All this stuff made the move to Florida.
Packing the lab before tossing the desk.
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