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Monday, Jun 2, 2014

Leave Cali day 41

I re-install the oil pump on my 1979 Sportster, transcribe some audio tapes, and plan the move. pdf version
In the middle of the stressful move from Silicon Valley to Tampa Florida, I fixed my 1979 Sportster once, twice, thrice, and now one more time. When I installed the oil pump the bolts didn't seem right. This will teach me not to hurry. It would have been easy to chase the threads when the bike was up on the steel desk next to the toolbox. Working laying on the garage was real misery. The grody threads in the case meant the pump didn't pull up enough to seal at the gasket. That drip down the case led to a puddle on the floor after one night in the garage. After fixing the bike I transcribed more audio tapes into the computer. Then I could brainstorm where all  my stuff would go in the Florida house. One nice thing is the new house is bigger, 1735 square feet versus 1600 square  feet.
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A tiny Crescent wrench got in and turned the 1/4-20 tap to chase the threads.
The tap came out filthy. I chased the other three threads right after seeing this.
Brakleen gets any oil or grease out of the tapped holes for the oil pump.
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I blocked the drive hole with a paper towel so no dirt would get in the gearcase.
I could  then blow the threaded holes out with compressed air.
Laying on the garage floor, I installed the oil pump with that Crescent wrench & Allen key.
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The floor is a lot harder to work on than the steel desk. No toolbox handy is one problem.
With the bike fixed, I turn to transcribing  tapes into the computer.
I learned to keep cleaning the heads and capstan with isopropyl alcohol.
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With the cassettes done it was time to transcribe the reel-to-reel tapes into the computer.
This player also benefits from frequent cleaning with  isopropyl alcohol.
The Heathkit player was given to me by Dave Cornwell, back in the 1980s.
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Here are the 7-inch tapes I have to transcibe into the computer.
I still had the documents I got from Dave when he gave me the tape player.
The player had a dead channel but that was just a capacitor lead shorting a connector terminal.
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It's nice to have schematics. I sold the player at the eFlea, the guy was delighted to get the docs.
I also needed to transcribe some DV-8 digital video to the computer, and 10-inch reels too.
The cassettes are all done. I gave the player to audio guru Steve Williams.
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Here is the computer and Fireface 800 I am transcribing the tapes into.
I also had time this day to plan for  the layout of the house in Florida I am moving to. This page is figuring out camera positions for my YouTube videos. I have scoped out a long shot from sun-room  across the living room, from the dining room to living room and within the living room itself.
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Another plan for the new house is for how I might set up the garage. I have the toolboxes on the right side with six motorcycles next to the tools. Below that will be the welding bench and wash bench. The car squeezes in on the left side. To the left of the car are the rack with all the Harley parts.This was just some noodling I did while at work. I had already made a CAD drawing of how my stuff will fit in the new house.
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