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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Leave Cali day 34

I tear down an apricot drying rack in the back yard, and finish the 1977 Sportster. pdf version
Before it became a technology hub of the world, Silicon Valley was mostly fruit orchards. Middlefield Road was indeed, in the middle of the fields. One popular crop was apricots. Many of those apricots were dried in wooden racks and sold across the country. The previous owners of my house must have had some affiliation with this industry, since they built a drying rack in the back yard. There are both peach and and an apricot trees on the property. The rack went from the back of the shed they had rented to a tenant, to a large walnut tree right on the rear property boundary. In addition to this home improvement, I had a little more work to finish the 1977 Sportster that I had worked on all the previous day. The next day I would return to fix my 1996 Sportster from a few days ago.
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A little goofy, you are supposed to tighten the sprocket seal after the sprocket is on.
You can do that through two holes in the sprocket. There are four screws.
Three lock-washers, the ruined countershaft bearing, and a couple plugs are left over.
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This tray of bolts and bearings and such were from many years of working on bikes.
I also replaced the trap door bearing and the chain tensioner and its spring.
Here is the little drying rack the previous owner set up in the backyard behind the shed.
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The rack pulled down from the tree pretty easily.
All that was left was to pry and unscrew the lumber from the shed.
All cleaned up and ready for the real estate photographer to take pictures.
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border bar
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