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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Leave Cali day 28

I transfer Harley parts from cardboard boxes to Office Depot bins, and toss some metal. pdf version
I got dozens of these super-strong plastic boxes at Office Depot The sell as the "Really Useful" brand. They have beams going down the corners, so you can stack ten of these full of Harley parts and they don't break or sag or crack. I got some from Staples in 2021. For decades I stored my various spare Harley parts in cardboard "bookpack" boxes with a description I would scrawl with a marker. These bins are clear enough you can just see what's inside them. So today I was transferring the parts from the cardboard boxes into the Really Useful plastic bins. They are about the same size as a bookpack, so they fit right on the shelves where I had the cardboard boxes. I also bought some 64-liter big bins for larger parts on the Gorilla Rack you can just see a bit of on the left.
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One problem selling stuff responsibly at the eFlea means giving assurance the stuff works. I sold some AM503 current amplifiers to a guy, and one was bad. The note above has his name and a reminder I had to give him his money back. It was Engineer Extraordinaire Alan Martin to the rescue. He just gave me one of his many spare AM503 amplifiers. It took a whole month, I just told the guy I would see him at the next eFlea. When he showed up, he thought we would trade his bad one for Alan's good one. I was trying to get rid of things, and Alan didn't need any more broken stuff. So I told Terry that he could just keep the broken one, he might be able to fix it. I could tell he was stressed about the money I had that whole time, I think it was 60 bucks. But when he saw Alan and I were going to more than solve his problem, he was the happiest guy in the tri-county area.. Other notes are for the window company in Florida that did my duplex roof-mate's Shirley's windows. I found keeping notes kept my memory jogged during the move.
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Here is a box of clutch parts just transferred into the bin. The movers loved them.
The movers wrapped the bins in plastic film to keep the lids on and discourage theft.
The next box is sprockets and kickstarter parts. There were also some clutch cables.
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The sprockets go in the bin.
Now the cables go on top. It's nice to be able to see into the boxes from the side.
Next up is a box of ignition parts. You can see the bins are stacked three high already. One bin got cracked in the move, the only casualty.
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The ignition parts safely tucked away into the Really Useful 42-liter plastic storage bin.
These transmission parts got a bin as well. It was one of these shafts that cracked the bin.
One bin got filled with a bunch of smaller flat bins that held small parts.
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As always when moving, the garbageman is your friend. Paper hit the recycling bin.
The wooden boxes had used nuts and bolts. They went into the regular garbage bin.
The nuts and bolts got tossed into the recycling bin, with some nice vellum plotter paper.
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