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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Leave Cali day 39

I clean out the shed and the side yard, work on motorcycles, and keep transcribing tapes. pdf version
I mounted a cheap Harbor Fright hoist in the side room of the house. This lets me get the motorcycles up on the old steel desks, as well as getting them down again after I work on them. Above, my 1977 Sportster is coming down after I fixed the transmission mainshaft race. I hung a 50-year-old seat pad from my high school. It has the football mascot, the Brecksville Bees. In the background is a 1937 Delta table saw a company was throwing away by my shop, as well as the box tape machine I got from my pal. It was a a real joy to use when I packed all the boxes to move to this house. Both those made the trip to Florida, as did most everything in the picture, except a brown kitchen cabinet that went back into the kitchen once my hutch was moved out.
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The Jesse Owens memorial squat racks are ready for sale. I think I trashed the fenders.
I had a bunch of 8-foot florescent lights I had to dispose of, as well as some pipes.
I gave the antenna mast & rotor to buddy Dave Mathis, and used a conduit in the meantime.
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This window was in the side shed when I moved in. Only right is stays when I move out.
The right side of the back shed is clearing up. Some cardboard has to go, and that pump.
The left side has the Quincy compressor to sell, motorcycle frames to toss, and an air cooler.
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The sheet metal and sheet plastic gets tossed, the ladder made the move to Florida.
The other shed is cleaned out, and the apricot drying rack behind it is gone.
An air cooler and a home-made bead-blast cabinet from the shed are going into the house.
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There is some foam left over from when I soundproofed the windows.
Some more plastic, and I think the yellow are doors for a closet in the house.
A little side shed holds the air-conditioner and water heater. I put the garden tools here.
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Here is the air-conditioner and hot water heater, with an extension cord on a 35mm film reel.
Meanwhile, I had dozens of cassette tapes I was transcribing into the computer. The Dolby switch broke and needed to be held in.
The computer recording the cassette tapes.
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I also have 7-inch and 10-inch tapes to transcribe into the computer.
Here is the delicate assembly used to keep the Dolby switch pressed.
The old tape sheds particles. I learned isopropyl alcohol and Q-tips would clean the heads.
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The motorcycles in the garage, The 1977 us coming off the desk to join them.
I installed this box in the garage ceiling to make it pass inspection. No exposed splices.
My 1962 Sportster got looked over and was working fine after it blew up last year.
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Another view of the 1977 coming down off the desk. It's headed for the garage.
The tanks and other parts are packed up in boxes I had handy. The movers re-packed them.
These cabinets made the move to Florida, as did the steel desk. A little progress every day.
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