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Friday, May 30, 2014

Leave Cali day 38

I help Martin burn all that wood he took off my hands, and make plans for the move. pdf version
After taking a whole truckload of wood from my house, Martin Delateur cut a lot of it up small enough to burn in his fire-pit, above. Other wood he saved, and there was a lot that he just set out on his front yard with a "free" sign. We had a jolly good time watching the wood burn, while reflecting on what else I could get rid of or sell at the eFlea. While I planned to leave in December, there was not a lot of time left. I had to move the contents of the house in July and take over 40 years of papers and business records to a studio apartment I would rent the last six months of the year. Meanwhile the house had to get cleaned and listed. I had to ship my 1992 Honda Accord and six Sportster motorcycles. And I needed to be in Florida when that stuff arrived, so I can move it in and then fly back.
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Meanwhile at work, like always, I would calm myself by making lists of the things I still needed to do. Here I note that I have motorcycle parts like gas tanks I need to box up. I also have to crate up four spare motors I have, as well as load the desks I use for workbenches.

In the bedroom where I record music, I had to transcribe old cassettes into the computer, along with 7-inch and 10-inch reel-to-reel tapes. I gave away or sold the tape players but did keep the original tapes.

In the house I had to dismantle the sound deadening boards over all the windows, take some scanning to work at Atmel temporarily, and clean and inspect the house.

Finally, I had to build a table to use at the apartment, though here I noted to check out renting a hotel room for eight days.
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I sold Martin the cabinets, He is hyper-organized, and had all these bins, as well as extra shelves to put them on. It's good to see my cabinets being put to such good use.
Martin's back yard was now littered with the wood and pipes he took the day before. We spent all day cutting up the wood and burning it in the fire pit. It was way more fun than a dump run, and I needed a break after so much work.
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The coals burned late into the night.
Some wood was nice enough that Martin put it in front of his house for anyone that wanted it.
The Harley fenders go set in front of his garage, where he can suss out if they will work as a boat trailer fenders.
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