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Tuesday, Mar 4, 2014

Leave Cali day 7

I put the Monarch 10EE tool-room lathe up on Craigslist. I had bought it at a Dovebid auction. pdf version
I didn't want to get a rigger to move my lathe to Florida. It was not hooked up at the house, no 3-phase. Though I did buy a Phase Perfect inverter, I never ran the wires. I bought this lathe at a Dovebid auction a decade before. I think I paid $1500 for it. That was a steal, because of all the tooling, and because the old vacuum tube inverter and dc motor had been replaced with a Baldor flux-vector inverter. I got $4400 for the lathe, and was happy to have it. I needed to move tons of stuff to Florida at a dollar a pound. When the fellow came to look at it, he noted that the drive belt was broken, but did not harp of that or try to low-ball me. He knew he was getting a good deal. I think he had the tooling sold off before he even got home. Best yet, he got his riggers to take the 8000-pound Bostomatic mill.
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This inverter gives the lathe fingertip-adjustable speed without having to change gears.
There were several chucks that came with the lathe. The Monarch 10EE is a famous machine.
There was a collet changer on the machine. It was used to make RF wave-guide parts.
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There were a bunch of collets included, and I had a pal give me some of his extras.
The inside was clean, here is the 3-phase induction motor.
You can get drawings and support, and there is a passionate on-line community of machinists.
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This is the area where the vacuum tube dc motor controller went. The ac inverter was mounted on the back, to keep cool.
There were plenty of keys and odd tools.
Also included in my Craigslist post was this beautiful live center.
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More odds and ends, I did not want to sell all this separately on eBay, this was a quick sale.
Another view of the machine. It is in great condition and the buyer knew it right away.
The lathe came will all these soft-jaws. More stuff that is worth a lot all by itself.
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A steady-rest and more special chucks came with the machine. I kept it all together..
My buddy said this tool-post system was better than an Aloris setup.
Here is the tool-post with a degree wheel to set up the tool precisely. Good for microwave part.
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