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Sunday, Jun 8, 2014

Leave Cali day 44

I list the buffet and hutch on Craigslist, and transcribe more 10-inch audio tapes. pdf version
I bought an antique hutch and buffet on eBay years before. I moved it from my shop, where I had it up on the mezzanine I built, to this house. Now I felt it would be better that have the money than the furniture. Turns out, I was unable to sell this, even at a loss. I even tried to give it to a co-worker. Thing is, furniture, like music and food, are very personal, and many people don't like what I do. There was a small counter I ripped out to put the hutch here, as well as taking down a couple cabinets, which I put back up before moving. Meanwhile, I kept transcribing audio tapes into my network-attached storage (NAS), as well as cleaning out a parts washer that had years of grunge inside it. As always, the weekly trash was my friend, and I found more stuff to toss away.
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This is the matching buffet. A marble top and marquetry, and it's pretty solidly built.
The hutch has a matching marble top. The tops just lifted off for the move to Florida.
Here is the top for the buffet. It got stained white by dry thinset mortar in the new house.
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The construction is pretty good. There are dovetail joints on all the drawers.
This crack in the beveled mirror was from me letting a popcorn popper get too close.
These pictures were for Craigslist, so I showed the missing marquetry piece here..
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There are worm holes in some of the wood, I assume this is just fake antiquing.
No knobs on the doors are a real pain, you are supposed to use the key as a door pull.
The hutch opened up shows some age, but I doubt it's 100 years old.
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The hinges are primitive and some needed new brass screws to make them solid again.
Here is the buffet opened up for inspection. It too has no door handles.
The buffet is not too big, it fit perfectly in the kitchen once I ripped the counter-top out.
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The side of the hutch was in pretty good shape. I still have this furnature, I store DVDs in it.
With the furniture listed on Craigslist, it is time to transcribe more tape from the Teac 3440.
Even this good tape shed a ton  of particles when I ran it though the machine.
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The heads got all gummed up. Denatured alcohol and a Q-tip got this cleaned off.
The dancers got gummed up with some black gunk.
After that tape player, it was appropriate that I cleaned out a parts washer in the shop.
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It was a cheap unit I think I got at Harbor Freight or maybe Amazon.
The pump got jammed. I never could get it freed up, I bought a new parts washer.
With the pump out I could clean under it and around where it sat.
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This is what came out of the parts washer. Putty knives and some steel wool did the trick.
The parts washer is now ready to be packed and moved by the movers.
I re-mounted the pump, hoping to get it working one day, but it never unstuck.
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The trash is my friend through the whole move. I filled it every week.
The music room is getting all boxed up. I packed this stuff, not wanting the movers to touch it.
The Teac 3440 4-track all done. I gave it away.
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