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Sunday, Mar 23, 2014

Leave Cali day 13

I clean out a cabinet in the garage. It had a lot of paper that could hit the trash. pdf version
I bought this nice cabinet back in 1982 when I started my shop. I love how you can fold down the doors to make it look neat. The cabinet will definitely make the move to Florida. Thing is, it's trash day tomorrow, so it's a perfect opportunity to find some paper and other stuff to toss into the trash and the paper recycling. Today I chose the garage to attack, if only because the trash bins are by the door. There were a bunch of manuals for my Bostomatic mill, yeah, the one the riggers hauled away last week. So those got the toss, along with a bunch of ring binders and other paper. Above you can see I kept a bunch of Harley manuals, a set of machinist's parallels, and some paint and a few unused ring binders I wanted to use for all those Harley manuals. It is always good to see a lot of empty shelves.
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The cabinet before I tossed all the paper and ring binders.
Sunnyvale divided the recycling bin for some stupid reason. A good reason to leave Cali.
The garbage bin took binders and a tarp. I tried to fill the bin every week.
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