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Creative Labs Nomad IIC teardown

I opened up this old MP3  player in 2004, and the chips are huge. pdf version
Back in 2004 I opened up my Creative Labs Nomad II MP3 player. The folder is labeled "MP3 player fix," but for the life of me, I can remember what was broken. It used those big old goofy flash SmartMedia cards, so maybe that had jammed or something else went wrong. Here are the two halves held up for your perusal. Note the expensive mezzanine connector that mates the two cards together. The smarts are provided by Cirrus Logic ARM-core M microcontroller. The white ribbon on the right is to extract the battery. The chrome terminals made with recesses in the other case half. The top circuit board also has the power supply, you can see expensive yellow tantalum capacitors and inductors, and a second crystal-- not sure what that is for.
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You can see the top case half here. That ARM-core microcontroller, and an Intel flash memory, I assume for settings.


Here you can see a third crystal, the round watch crystal to the left of the ARM chip. There is also a tiny lithium battery, perhaps to save settings when changing batteries. Not sure why they needed flash memory and a hold-up battery both.

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