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There are things worth keeping. There is stuff you
should toss, or better yet, read this and don't buy.


This section started out as Cheeze Alerts, a series of posts about crappy or disappointing products.I even made up a logo.
The logo was a promise of "The no-cheeze guarantee". The spelling of cheeze was a vamp on a Frank Zappa liner note. After I while I found it too negative and depressing to just talk about all the crappy things in life, so I expanded the section to things worth keeping. The legacy Cheeze Alerts became the material for the "toss" articles in the site. I will try to put either "keep" or "toss" into the title so you can tell which is which right off the get-go. Keep checking this section out, I have a ton of material to add so I hope you can find keepers.
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The most recent post: Legacy bookmarks

Legacy bookmarks

Here is a listing of bookmarks I have had on my site for 20 years. They are not organized and many are broken.

My favorite post: Hansen socket trays

Hansen socket trays

I suffered for 20 years with a toolbox drawer full of miscellaneous sockets. Then I found Hansen.
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The most recent post: Toss, the Kyocera electric sharpener

Toss, the Kyocera electric sharpener

The Kyocera diamond hone electric knife sharpener is powered by four AA batteries. They don't have the power needed.

My favorite post: Samsonite is junk

Samsonite is junk

It used to be that a brand name stood for something.
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