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There are things worth keeping. There is stuff you
should toss, or better yet, read this and don't buy.


This section started out as Cheeze Alerts, a series of posts about crappy or disappointing products.I even made up a logo.
The logo was a promise of "The no-cheeze guarantee". The spelling of cheeze was a vamp on a Frank Zappa liner note. After I while I found it too negative and depressing to just talk about all the crappy things in life, so I expanded the section to things worth keeping. The legacy Cheeze Alerts became the material for the "toss" articles in the site. I will try to put either "keep" or "toss" into the title so you can tell which is which right off the get-go. Keep checking this section out, I have a ton of material to add so I hope you can find keepers.
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The most recent post: Legacy bookmarks

Legacy bookmarks

Here is a listing of bookmarks I have had on my site for 20 years. They are not organized and many are broken.

My favorite post: Hansen socket trays

Hansen socket trays

I suffered for 20 years with a toolbox drawer full of miscellaneous sockets. Then I found Hansen.
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The most recent post: Toss: Ames hoe/cultivator combo

Toss: Ames hoe/cultivator combo

Thin cheap steel with welds next to a stress riser does not make a good garden tool. The Ace Hardware tool is better and cheaper.

My favorite post: Samsonite is junk

Samsonite is junk

It used to be that a brand name stood for something.
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