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Whether you call it writing tech or tech writing,
there are good principles and practices.

There are techniques and a technology to writing just as there is for electronics and programming. Some engineers think their expertise in technology means they are good writers too. This is rarely the case. Tech writing is simple and elegant and to-the-point. It takes as much concentration to make a good paragraph as a good circuit.

One of the hardest tech writhing habits is avoiding passive voice. You should not say, "the voltmeter was read." Its either, "I read the voltmeter," or "the voltmeter read..."

Like any craft, practice improves your abilities. After a while things will come naturally and you will see errors in the media you read and watch.
In addition to avoiding passive voice, don't bury the lede.
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Don't bury the lede

Don't bury the lede

Technical writing is an inverse pyramid since the important part is at the top.

Storytelling vs tech writing

Storytelling vs tech writing

Tech writing gives you the goods right up front, storytelling delays gratification until the payoff.
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