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Tech makes our lives better, but can be infuriating.
Here are some tech articles about the up- and down-sides.


Tech deserves the credit for extending our lifespans from 35 years to 75 years. It can serve the needs of war as well as peace. Engineers get little credit for helping humanity, compared to doctors or even lawyers and politician. Its the  of technology that make the world a better place.

Still, there is widespread ignorance about tech and engineering. An old fellow used to collect cans around my consultiong business. Jack the Can Man kept asking, "Just what is it that you do?" He could not conceive that someone had to dream things up, and built the first one, whether an engineer or a software program. Don't look for engineers to get the respect of
doctors or lawyers anytime soon. First off, we work with our hands, and unlike a doctor with a dead patient or a lawyer who loses a case, engineers lose their job if things go wrong.

This section has a broad collection of tech article, a bit heavy on electronics, but discussing all phases of this practice that has made us all live like kings of centuries past.

Some of the articles, like the ones on management are more general interest, but these articles refer more to tech management, as opposed to running a restaurant or service business.
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The most recent post: Analog Aficionados 2019, Ron Quan

Analog Aficionados 2019, Ron Quan

Author Ron Quan took over 100 pictures at the 2019 Analog Aficionados party.

My favorite post: RF power amplifiers

RF power amplifiers

Base stations and handsets need RF amplifiers with high linearity and good efficiency.
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The most recent post: Harleys and open systems

Harleys and open systems

A baroque and antiquated design is compensated
by the open system, and the people that surround it.

My favorite post: Mission Motors electric motorcyle

Mission Motors electric motorcyle

Slapping an electric motor into a motorcycle requires a lot of system engineering.
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The most recent post: Picosecond Pulse Labs 6110D teardown

Picosecond Pulse Labs 6110D teardown

Opening up a reference flat pulse generator shows some old-school design.

My favorite post: Creative Labs Nomad IIC teardown

Creative Labs Nomad IIC teardown

I opened up this old MP3  player in 2004, and the chips are huge.
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