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Analog aficionados party 2014

The 2014 Analog Aficionados party is Sunday,
February 9, 2014. From 5:00 to 9:00PM.
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It is at David's Restaurant in Santa Clara near the golf course. Over 150 people made last year's party. This is the fifth annual party.
It is too late to sign up for the party. If you show up we can print a badge on the spot.

Phil Sittner and IC designer Barry Harvey talk tech under the watchful eye of Atmel marketing director Donna Castillo.

Atmel's marketing department designed new logos, badges, and the placemat for the Analog Aficionados party. You can see the placemats on the table, along with the stylish new badge design Barry is wearing.
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As you arrive at David's Restaurant, your badge will be on a table at the left. This year we will probably put these tables outside since we will need all the room we can get. We have over 230 people signed up already.


The party starts at 5:00 so come early. Food is coming out at 6:00. Many of us are going early, 2:00 or 3:00 PM just to hang out and catch up with out-of-towners like Todd Bailey and Arlie Stonestreet II.

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And do come for the food. We will have beef and lamb carvings, vegetarian, vegan and soft drinks. Thanks to long-time sponsor Linear Systems continuing their support, and previous sponsor UBM doubling last year's contribution, and now Atmel being even more generous this year, our food budget has more than doubled. Unlike last year where I tried to bring the food out in batches, we will bring it all out at 6:00. Well not all, the chocolate-covered strawberries will be after you have devoured all the entrees. This is not a sit-down affair, we want you to mingle and grab food and drink from all around the venue.

One great thing about the venue is the big bar right in the middle, for those of you that like something stronger. As in previous years, you will have to pay for your own drinks, we don't want it getting too crazy. If you get drunk and kill yourself or someone else, neither I nor the restaurant, nor the sponsors are responsible.

Please feel free to bring your spouse, Audio expert Bob Cordell and his wife flew in from the East Coast last year and had a great time. All we ask is you use the link in the introduction to sign up for a badge.
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We love when media and PR people show up to mix with all the engineering types. Last year, Gayle Bullock and Mark Alden from Texas Instruments came and had a great time. The party is for tech people, media people, PR folks, and both professors and students. I am sorry to say that because I moved the party to Sunday, Dennis Monticelli, a Texas Instruments fellow, will have to be up in San Francisco practicing for the IEEE ISSCC conference later in the week.

A popular attraction last year was the Table of Analog Curiosities. Here we see a giant 555 timer chip made by Sunnyvale kit maker Evil Mad Science, with a discrete transistor version of a 555 built by Google employee Eric Schlaepfer. This was in honor of last year's honorie, Hans Caminzind, the inventer of the 555 timer chip, perhaps the best selling IC in history. Eric and Evil Mad Science have made a kit on a PCB they can show off this year.
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The Table of Analog Curiosities filled up so fast audio guru Steve Williams had to leave the bulk of his show-and-tell in the car. We won't make that mistake this year.


Steve Williams did bring in one retro-tech analog curiosity, Here Evil Mad Science co-founder Windell Oskay examines the inside of Steve's portable record player.


The Analog Aficionados party actually goes back 20 years, when Jim Williams would host an Analog Dinosaurs party at his house. I was glad to re-start the tradition after a decade- long hiatus. It was especially poignant when both my mentor, analog great Bob Pease and Jim died within a week of each other in 2011. That's Bob on the left and Jim on the right, with analog wild man Bob Widlar on the screen above, making a droll gesture.
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It was quite an honor when Bob Pease's widow Nancy showed up for last year's party, as well as her son Ben. If she is not in Truro Massachusetts she will likely drop by this year as well.


Sure, I am honored when former Intersil CEO David Bell shows up. Same for Linear Tech founder Bob Dobkin and Maxim Integrated CEO Tunç Doluca....

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....but I am just as honored with real-life radio-TV engineer Bob Getsla rearranges his schedule so instead of babysitting the 24kW KTSF transmitter Sunday night he can be with us at the party.


The party not only honors analog, It is conducted in an analog fashion. Tim Regan, right, the amplifier applications manager for Linear Technology, told me he did not want to lug the $170 worth of books by Bob Dobkin and Jim Williams home. So I looked to my left and there was San Jose State University student Donald Flowers II. I thought it would be fitting to give a student such a nice windfall. To his credit, Donald said he would donate the books to the EE department at SJSU, so the whole student body could enjoy the books. In a similar fashion, when the event director at Atmel offered to hire a comedian or other entertainer, I declined. This is just a show up and hang out and be loose and informal event.
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So swing on by the Analog Aficionados party Sunday, February 9th 2014, and you can be smiling like Keiko and Jian.

I am still pondering an honoree for this year's party. Aficionado David Goodson was nice enough to send the list of 16 tech people that passed away in 2013. Doug Englebart, the inventor of the mouse is a good candidate. Right now I am leaning to Jerry Fishman, from Analog Devices. Sure, he was in management, which should exclude him, but Harry Holt told me he called ADI decades ago and Fishman answered the phone as an apps engineer. That qualifies Fishman as an Aficionado in my mind. Dan Sheingold wrote a tribute in the Analog Dialog. This year Linear Systems will once again be a quadruple sponsor. Planet Analog, EDN, and EETimes are a quadruple sponsor. I am happy to report that Atmel, where I currently work is not only a quintuple sponsor, but is helping with the organization. Our food budget is over double. Ken Coffman from Fairchild offered to get them to sponsor, but we may already be oversubscribed. Perhaps Fairchild will get you get dessert. I have not even asked Texas Instruments or Analog Devices, since it seems we are in good financial shape.
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This is the same venue I had the Bob Pease and Jim Williams remembrance in June 2011, and the aficionados party in 2012 and 2013. This is the fifth annual Analog Aficionados party.


Harry Holt sent me a note regarding Jerry:

"In 1972, I bought some modules from Analog Devices. I called Analog Devices and talked to an application engineer by the name of Jerry Fishman. A few days later, we got several D size schematics showing how to use two modules and some 7483 full adders to get 16 bits. That's when I understood what apps was all about. In 1991 when Jerry was promoted to president, I sent him an email congratulating him on his promotion and recounting how he had helped me 19 years earlier. He sent me a very cordial reply. Jerry was a class act. I still miss him."

Steve Taranovich has started coverage of the event at EDN, and will be doing follow-ups after the event.
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Food food food. We are bringing it out early since it all went so fast last year:
Serve time pc

Fruit & cheese platter vegetarian
06:00PM 2 Beef carving
06:00PM 2 Leg of lamb
06:00PM 100 Spanakopita (spinach on pita bread) vegetarian
06:00PM 100 Chicken curry cucumber spicy
06:00PM 100 Mini quiche vegetarian
06:00PM 100 Bruschetta (Tomato, onion, garlic, basil, olive on grilled bread) vegen
07:00PM 100 Chocolate strawberries vegetarian

Analog_Aficionados_Sponsors_2014a.jpgThanks again to this year's sponsors. In addition to legacy sponsors Linear Systems and UBM/EDN/EE|Live!/EETimes/Planet Analog, we have a new sponsor Supply Frame/Hackaday/FindChips. They work on tools and websites to help engineers, makers, hackers, etc connect with, search, socialize, & share content and resources. And then we have Atmel, my great company, who is  not only a quintuple sponsor, they are also helping with badges, logistics and the placemat.
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I have put up pictures from previous Analog Aficionado parties. The bulk of the pictures were taken by retired Linear Tech employee Fran Hoffart. In addition there are pictures from Ed Fong, Ron Quan, and Steve Leibson, as well as a few of mine.

2013 Aficionados (172 Pictures)

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2012 Preficionadoes at the Duke of Edinburgh (24 pictures)

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David's_restaurant_parking.gifNote the party is not at the banquet hall you see driving in, it is in the restaurant itself. That area marked "New parking deck" is finished. Santa Clara built it for 49ers stadium across the street.
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Garage-at-David's-Restarant_entry.jpgSanta Clara has built the parking deck, it is open so there will be insane easy parking.  Here is the entry.
Analog-Aficionados-2013_49ers stadium-night.jpg And across the street is the new 49ers stadium, now almost finished.

The place mat is done. Click on the image to get the 1MB png file you can print at home. Many thanks to Robin Berman and Jeanette Atherton of Atmel's creative department for the design and layout. You will see the same Analog Aficionados logo on the badges and welcome signs. We even have some shirts with the logo to give away.AnalogAficionados_PlacematA_Final.png
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Analog_Aficionados_Sponsors_2014.pngThe posters are done, thanks again to Robin and Jeanette at Atmel's creative group.

I will bring the posters of Bob Pease, Jim Williams and Hans Camenzind.

The list for this week is already over 250 attendees long. We will have to shorten several of your company names, to fit on the tiny printed badge, and clean up the capitalization as required. There was over a dozen of you that went to Survey Monkey website, checked  "yes" did not leave a name, and just assumed that somehow we would know who you are and magically print a badge. Others have used 10 words for a company, perhaps thinking we can somehow fit that on a 3-inch badge. If we do the party next year we might try a dynamic JavaScript HTML page that guides you through the difficult process of writing your name and company.
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Here are the people already signed up:
Attendees as of 2-9-2014
First Name: Last Name: Company:
Abhay Rai Spansion inc
Adolfo Garcia Touchstone Semiconductor, Inc
Agnes Toan atmel
Alan Martin Texas Instruments
Alberto Puggelli UC-Berkeley
Alek Bradic Supplyframe
Allan Soriano Alpha & Omega Semiconductor
Amy Weinstock
Andrew Roby San Francisco State University
Andy Turudic NliteN inc.
Anthony Bonte Linear Technology Corporation
Anthony Jarmolowicz Black Diamond Video
Arlie Stonestreet ICE Corp.
Art Hicks Linear Technology
Fairchild Semiconductor
Austin Lee Oracle
Barbara McCune
Barry Briggs Enmetric
Barry Culpepper Texas Instruments
Barry Harvey Elantec
Ben Pease Pease Press Maps
Bernice Loui
Bettina Vinsant
Bill Broach NSC/ADI (Retired)
Bill Chen Stanford
Bob Blair ESS Technology
Bob Dobkin Linear Technology
Bob Getsla WA6WHT / KTSF-TV26
Bob Martin Atmel
Bob Smith Linear Technology
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Bob Zucker Spectra7 Microsystems
Brian Huffman Micrel Semiconductor
Carl Sawtell Fairchild
Chris Mangelsdorf Analog Devices
Craig Lambert IDT
Dan Manea Atmel Corporation
Dan Oprica Storage Peripherals
Darryl Phillips Santa Cara University
Dave Anderson Texas Instruments
Dave Bell ex Linear Tech, Intersil
Dave Bursky Chip Design Magazine
David Goodson OneStopEngineering
David Hough Neato robotics
David Parent SJSU
David Wyland Microsoft
Deb Sittner
Dhaval Brahmbhatt PHYchip Corporation
Dick Oswald Analog System Engineering
Don Tuite Electronic Design Magazine
Donald Flowers II Linear Integrated Systems
Douglas Adams Yes
Earl McCune RF Communications
Ed Fong UC Santa Cruz
Eddie Ng Maxim
Edward Abramczyk Consultant
Elena Potanina Vivid Engineering
Enzhu / Andrew Liang Fairchild Semiconductor
Eric Basham San Jose State University
Eric Edwards Fluid-o-Tech
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Eric Schlaepfer Google
Ernest Hanks AOSense, Inc.
Eva Marti-Salaverry
Felicia Stacker Teledyne LeCroy
Felipe Jimenez SJSU
Fran Hoffart Retired LTC
Francis Lau Synaptics
Gaby Lorenzo W2 Group
Gayle Bullock Texas Instruments
George Lewis Retired
George Pontis Consultant
Goran Forshager BIT-Group
Greg Schaffer Touchstone Semiconductor
Harry Holt Analog Devices
Harry Johnson Stanford/Google
Hassan Sharghi Integrated Device Technology
Heidi Davis
Henry Hsieh Global 3C Newsletters
Henry Zhang Linear Technology
Irmgard Lafrentz Globalpress Connection, Inc
Issac Siavashani Maxim
James MacDonald Texas Instruments
Jeff Feldman Retired
Jeff Furman OCS Inc.
Jeff Kotowski Atmel
Jeff Nilles TI
Jeff Robins Marvin Test Solutions
Jeffery Fisher
Jen Lloyd Analog Devices
Jenny Marshall
Jeroen Fonderie Touchstone Semiconductor
Jim Simmons Nova Devices Inc
Jimmy Hua WolfPak Labs
move up a little to the right move down to the left
Jocelyn King Altera (former NSC)
Joe Betts-LaCroix Zetta Research
Joe Curcio Apple
Joey Sankman The University of Texas at Dallas
John Bielawski Bandgaps By Bielawski
john curl parasound
John Hall Linear Integrated Systems, Inc.
John Lee Cisco
John Massa Lumen LED, Inc.
John Wiggenhorn MPS
Jon Dutra Microsoft
Jon Klein Power Engineering Associates
Jonathan David Qualcomm Atheros
Jonathon Spaulding Stanford University
Joshua Baylor Intersil
Julie Willey Neato Robotics
Karl Peterson Linear Technology
Keiko Kaleta
Ken Sheets LSI
Kent Lundberg M.I.T., Olin College, Stanford
Kent Lundberg M.I.T. and Olin College
Kevin Cameron Cameron EDA
Kevin Farrington Linear Technology
Kevin Hicks Linear Integrated Systems
Kevin Zheng Stanford
Kimberly Bishop
Kimo Tam Analog Devices
Kip Brown CMBJR Consulting Inc.
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Kipp Bradford kippkitts, LLC
Kirkwood Rough KRLabs
Klein Jonathan Retired (Consultant, Fairchild)
Kuldeep Trisal Linear Systems
Kurk Mathews Linear Technology
Kush Gulati Maxim Integrated
kush gulati
Larry Pizzella Systron Donner Inertial
Lee Goldberg YoYo Dyne Propulsion Systems
Len Sherman Maxim Integrated
Lenore Edman Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories
Lew Counts Analog Devices
Loretta Taranovich
Lucy Lu Analog Device, Inc
Luis Perez Fairchild Semiconductor
Lynn Smith STEM, Inc.
Mangal Hicks
Mansour Izadinia Micrel Semiconductor
Marc Tan Supertex Inc
Marcia Harvey Precision Monolithics, Inc.
Marie Camenzind
Mark Alden Texas Instruments
Mark Brasfield Brasfield Audio
Mark Fortunato Maxim Integrated
move up a little to the right move down to the left
Mark Thoren Linear Technology
Marshnil Dave
Martin Cano Systron Donner Inertial -CST
Martin DeLateur DeLateur Engineering
Martin Mallinson ESS Technology
Marty McGrath McGrath Technical Services
Marty Zanfino Infinite Algorithms
Matt Berggren Supplyframe
Matthew Quint Quint PR
Matthew Spencer UC, Berkeley EECS
Melinda Blont
Michael Questo Texas Instruments
Michele Lim Texas Instruments
Mike Coln Analog Devices
Mike Davis Linear Technology Corp
Mike Fisher Linear Technology
Mike Maida Texas Instruments
Mike Tripoli SCARY Design
Nancy Clark Turnstone Consulting
Nick Katakis Young and Associates
Niki Hammler Stanford University
Nisarga Naik Intel
Nishit Shah Stanford
Norzin Lama
Orin Laney Atwood Research
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Patrick Mannion UBM
Paul Grohe Texas Instruments
Paul Henneuse Analog Devices Inc
Paul Norton Linear Integrated Systems
Paul Rako Atmel
Paul Swearingen NoteSpeed
Paul Ueunten Monolithic Power Systems
Peter Bradshaw Ex Intersil (Both) Retired
Peter Butler
Peter Ogden LMCO
Phil Juang Linear technology
Phil Sittner CED
Pouran Asadipour IDT
Rachel Pang
Radius Gunawan Analog Devices
Rajeev Huralikoppi Infinite Algorithms
Ricardo Salaverry NDS Surgical
Rich Raffals
Richard King Stem, Inc.
Rick Skalsky FogStar
Ricky Chen Eigenhauser Enterprise
Rob Bowers Brocade
Robbie Shergill Hittite Microwave Corp.
Robert Bielby Xilinx
Robert Busse TBD
Robert Krause Fairchild Semiconductor
Robert Polleros Maxim Integrated
Roberta Howe
Roger Chen Genia Technologies
move up a little to the right move down to the left
Roger Liang TI
Ron Quan Ron Quan Designs
Ronald Koo Maxim Integrated
Ronald Vinsant Exar
Sam Young Young and Associates
Samuel Vinci SFSU
Sander Arts atmel
Sandip Uprety The University of Texas at Dallas
Scott Brylow
Scott Fritz Atmel Corp.
Sean Chen Atmel
Sean Gold Maxim
Sean McCommons Bartender
Sergio Franco San Francisco State University
sid dutta Touchstone
Silvo Stanojevic Silvo Analog Design Services
Stela Iacob
Stephan Ohr Gartner
Stephanie Rosales San Francisco State University
Steve Hobrecht Retired LTC
Steve Leibson Xilinx
Steve Satra Analog Audio
Steve Taranovich UBM
Steve Williams RFBA
Steve Young SRI International
Sue Martenson Altera Corporation
Suze forshager BIT Group
Ted Selker University of California Berkeley
Terri Owen
Thelma Butler
move up a little to the right move down to the left
Theodor Iacob Intersil
Thomas Pedersen mimosa
Tim Camenzind Microsemi
Tim Regan Linear Tech
Timothy McCune Linear Integrated Systems, Inc.
Todd Bailey Narrat1ve
Todd Nelson Linear Technology Corp.
Todd Owen Linear Technology
Tom Lee Stanford Univ.
Toni Laney Atwood Research
Vanda Mallinson
Vicky Tuite Evaos
Victor Ramamoorthy Right Ear Left Ear Technologies
Vipul Katyal Nvidia
Viswakiran Popuri Aquantia
Vlad Potanin Vivid Engineering
Vladimir Dvorkin Linear Technology Corp.
Vojin Oklobdzija Silicon Analytics Inc.
Wayne Holcombe Consultant - Formerly Silicon Labs
WEI TANG New Mexico State University
Windell Oskay Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories
Yisela Leyva-Robins
Zach Nosker Gunma University (JP)
Zeke Randolph Linear Technology
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Here is the first press release:
For immediate release:

The fifth annual Analog Aficionados dinner party is Sunday February 9, 2014. The party is at David's Restaurant in Santa Clara, 5:00 to 9:00PM, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Analog electronics tech workers and their spouses are welcome to attend. The party is also well-attended by students, college professors, PR professionals, and tech media. Please RSVP to the survey monkey link on the party blog page so we can have a badge ready for you and your guests:

This year's party is in honor of Jerry Fishman, the CEO of Analog Devices. Jerry passed away suddenly last March. Already confirmed as attending are professors from MIT, San Jose State, Georgia Tech, San Francisco State, Carnegie Mellon, and UC Santa Cruz. There will be industry luminaries from Atmel, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Linear Technology, Fairchild, and Intersil. Experienced analog experts such as Dave Fullagar, the designer of the uA741, will mingle with young students and working engineers from all over the country. Many authors will be there including Sergio Franco, Bob Dobkin, Ron Quan, and Earl McCune. Silicon Valley CEOs such as Tunç Deluca and Dave Bell have attended past events. We expect over 200 people this year. The food budget has more than doubled from 2013.
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Attendees of previous Analog Aficionado parties are enthusiastically awaiting this year's event: "I wouldn't dream of missing this. I had such a great time last year," said Todd Bailey, a consultant that came from New York for last year's party. "I know that Yi Yao was able to attend last year after he heard about it from us and was super-pumped to attend," reports analog blogger Chris Gammel. Notes Felipe Jimenez, a San Jose State grad student, "I would love to go as I had a great time last year." Already signed up are attendees coming from Brooklyn, New Jersey, Kansas, Arizona, and Boston.

Sponsors of the 2014 party include transistor maker Linear Systems, and media giant UBM, home of EETimes, EDN, EE Live! and Planet Analog. Also sponsoring is microcontroller maker Atmel.

Analog company PR staff are welcome to attend and circulate this within their company.

Permission is granted to reproduce any of the over 1000 pictures of previous parties linked on the party blog page in coverage of this event.
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