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Analog Devices comparator chips

A chart helps you understand the product line and tradeoffs in specs. pdf version
Here is a spreadsheet I did about Analog Devices comparator chips. The spreadsheet has selection filters that can help you narrow down the part you need. The chart above from that spreadsheet shows the tradeoff between noise and power consumption. A circuit that uses higher current tends to have lower noise. An added feature of the chart is the bubble size that shows initial accurate, another critical spec for voltage references.

The ideal part would sit at the bottom right corner and have a tiny bubble since it would
be very accurate. The ADR280 gets close to that corner, but its large bubble shows it is not very accurate.Its also not recommended for new designs.
Realize this is a logarithmic chart so a single grid line is 10 times better or worse. Two parts on the right edge of the chart are extremely low noise. Thew small bubble size shows they are very accurate. The tiny bubble of the REF43 shows it is very accurate. In a supply current range of 0.1 to 1mA, you can get two decades of noise difference, 1uV to 100uV. files
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