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Samsonite is junk

It used to be that a brand name stood for something. pdf version
It used to be that a brand name stood for something. Remember the American Tourister ads where a gorilla threw a suitcase across the cage?
Being proud of the durability of the product proves that the management of the company has respect for you. Now companies just want to buy cheap Asian junk and pawn it off on you hoping you will be fooled by the fond memories you have of the brand name.
That good feeling you have towards the name was built up over decades by decent men and women who made a good product. Now the finance parasite class has descended on American business like harpies from hell.

Sometimes they loot the company directly, like Enron. More commonly, a bunch of hack incompetent buffoon middle managers all cheapen things until the product is indistinguishable from no-name junk.
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Here you can see where the D_ring tore out of the leather. I poked a hole in the leather tab and hooked the strap clip into that hole as a field expedient.

Witness my Samsonite luggage. I bought a Samsonite bag since I was going to Europe on the Analog Seminar with National Semiconductor. I wanted a bag I could trust. My trust was misplaced in Samsonite. The carry handle ripped out of the bag and the leather-like loops that held the D-rings also ripped out. There was no way to tote the bag, I had to carry around it like a baby.
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Sure I had a few databooks and a notebook in the bag. But that is not like I was carrying ingots of depleted uranium. This bag might hold up if you carry two shirts in it, but not much else. And get this, Samsonite owns American Tourister, since 1993.

And American Tourister is the low-cost cheap brand of their portfolio. If the Samsonite falls apart this easily, I would hate to see what depredations those American Psycho finance tycoons did to American Tourister durability.

Cheeze_alert.gifThis bag is so craptastic, Rako Studios has issued a Cheeze Alert. Be aware that if you buy a Samsonite product, you are getting some sweatshop junk that has not been examined by management any higher than the janitor.

You may as well buy the cheapest thing on Amazon since you will be getting the cheapest thing at a high price if you buy Samsonite.
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