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Tuesday, Mar 14, 2017

1992 Honda door lock

The passenger-side door lock has never worked. The key turns but nothing happens. The fix here. pdf version
Here is the Honda mid-repair. The inner door panel is removed. The outer door handle is removed. I have taken the speaker out to replace it. The door latch is removed, and a bungee cord holds the door closed so I can drive the car while I wait for parts. I also ran duct tape along the outside of the door to make sure it stayed closed in turns. You can just make out a few screws on the floor mat. Bad enough that the door lock never worked, there was a loud clack any time I lowered the window. What had happened is that the rod that locks the latch fell off the back of the key. Then that rod flopped around until it got caught under the window as it lowered. That bent the rod in a tight U shape. Every time the window went down, it had to push the rod aside. Its a miracle the window never broke.
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I found the lever and clip in the bottom of the door. I hoped that I could just pop them back in, but the plastic was cracked in half.
Here is the latch and the bent lock rod..
The door handle has the key tumbler. The plastic level is supposed to go on the back.
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Here is the crack that let the lever fall off.
The backside of the lever.
The lever was supposed to be retained by this clip. It took some examination to determine the right way the lever was supposed to go on the key. I am pretty sure that it was backwards.
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The back of the key tumbler where the lever attaches. 
Here is a better close-op of the crack in the lever. The material looks to be nylon.
Another close-up of the cracked lever. What an immense pain to replace this mess.
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The lever is not available separately. I bought a pare of Honda key-locks on eBay, 21 bucks.
A miracle, the new lever fits the Honda key.
The new cir-clip seemed to work better than the factory one. I made sure the lever was not on backwards like happened at the factory.
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There were clips broken on the rods. The new ones came from eBay as well. Just a few bucks.
The new clip in the latch.
I got this picture off the internet to see what the un-bent lock rod was supposed to look like. I also lost track of which end went where. Duh.
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Here is another internet picture of the latch.
The latch assembled with the straightened rod.
The latch is really complex. It still worked fine, including the power door lock motor where my thumb is. I have the full service manual from Honda. It was useless.
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To get the latch in or out you have to remove this bolt holding the window track and then work the latch underneath it.
One side of the hole for the door handle is smooth.
This side has a countersink Note new clips.
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Popcorn for eBay sales and antenna mast base.
Latch plopped in the bottom of the door getting ready to be slid under the window track.
Access holes in the door are not de-burred. Reaching inside to do this miserable job cut up my forearm. It was not a suicide attempt.
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Big bandages good for road rash solved it.
A bunch of masking tape around my arm protected it from more slashes.
I taped two rods together to get them up the handle, while pulling the inside handle latch out the right hole. This was a horrid job.
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Now the door handle goes back in. It had a gasket that was torn a bit but it was good enough to go back in.
The two screws for the door handle.
A deep-well 10mm socket lets you get the two door handle screws installed from the inside.
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I got this picture off the internet to figure out which side of the lever the rod goes on.
You can see the tape where I tied the two rods together, The lock rod fit better this way.
Putting it on this side causes interference. The side it goes on will determine if it opens CCW.
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I had to take the lever off to get it on the rod. Another miracle, it snapped on without falling.
The inside handle rod pops into clips.
With all the functions checked out I tighten the latch. Now the door stays closed without a bungee cord holding it.
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The bolt for the window track goes back in.
The wire harness has a clip on the inside.
The connector slides onto the tang in the door. Honda does a great job making sure there are no rattles in the door. Nothing is left to flop around. I hope the new ones are this good.
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The plastic rain liner tore and the dum-dum is not sticky, so a little masking tape serves.
There is a little running light that you hook up at the bottom of the inside door panel.
Connect the door lock switch, and hang the panel. Note the light is on, a good sign.
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The door inner pane with the lock button.
Verifying the lock button works, and the key. This unscrews to get the latch out, be sure to put in back on before you hang the door.
The front screw goes back in, and the little cap snaps back over it. Good when the hole line up.
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A screw that goes under the door handle.
The remaining screws for the door panel.
Don't forget this hidden screw. There are also plastic snaps that you pop in. None of mine broke, yet another miracle on this job. Plastic gets brittle with age and floppy doors suck.
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Another screw goes in the door here.
That hidden screw gets a round cap.
You have to pry the handle rod forward to get it on the handle. Nowhere in the manual does it make clear that you pull the whole handle forward to get it out or in, it has little tanks.
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Left over clips from eBay.
There is a square cap for this screw.
One last screw holds the inside door handle in. It had a cap but it broke up when I removed it.The handle does not flop out when you take the screw out, you have to pull it forward first.
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The access hole for the key lever had this patch over it. I forgot to put it back on or cover the hole with masking tape. Oh well, I am not opening it back up for this. I tossed it in the glove box in case I ever get inside the door.
The tools I used. Not too bad. A 1/4" drive with a 10mm socket for the window track bold. A 3/8" drive wrench with a big Phillips head for the door latch itself. A #2 Phillips screwdriver for all the door screws, and a couple straight- slot screwdrivers to pop the lever clip into the key tumbler lever.

Its a scary job to look at but thanks to Honda engineering, it went much better than I thought it would. Not shown is how I replaced the speaker, which was blown. Not to take off the driver-side door to replace that. Stay tuned.
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