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Renaming and moving a blog subdirectory

Changing and moving things around can be
harder than making things in the first place.
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 After I added some content to the site I became unhappy with the blog called Links and its location in a sub-directory The blog really was about recommended products, services and websites. I used the setting tab to change the name of the blog to "Recommended" and the location as

This went fine as I republished all the entries.The problem is with the pictures I used in a post. When I called up the assets tag, all she pictures were listed buy has a little yellow triangle showing they were missing. Using FileZilla, I went into the site and move the images folder I created from /Bookmarks/ to /Recommend/. Movable Type creates an assets_c subdirectory when you call for thumbnails in your post.

I moved this from /Bookmarks/ to /Recommend/ as well. When I reloaded the assets tag, all the images appeared. The remaining problem was the post where I showed the pictures, the links and thumbnails all had the old path. U used the Firefox "find>>highlight all" to highlight all instances of "Bookmarks" in the HTML display of the post. Then I just pasted "Images" over the word Bookmarks wherever it appeared. You can't simply do this to the published HTML files. That would fix things once, but if you published the entry again, Movable Type would overwrite that doctored HTML with the old links.
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The reason I used the location /Bookmarks/ was that was a legacy sub-directory that I had a big page full of links. You should never take down old content. You can change it so it points to the new site, but you don't want someone going to a dead page when the do find an old page on Google. So I left up the Bookmarks/ sub-directory and the old files that were in it. I did erase all the Movable Type content in /Bookmarks/ since it had only been up for a week. Last thing was to go to the archive template in the top-level website and change the table of contents template to give the new name and new location of this blog.
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