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Creating a post in Movable Type

>With the blog (sub-directory) names set you can set
up the the first post aka entry aka permalink.
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With Zemanta killed, you can make your first blog post. When you press "publish", Movable Type will create the first post, 1.html.
It will create the index.html page as well as the Contents.html page. You should categorize posts. each category will get its own summary page. You can create categories from the entry page. At first I would recommend turning off comments. Definitely turn off trackbacks. Trackbacks were invented by Movable Type so they are very proud of them. So proud they don't admit trackbacks are just a way for spammers to fill your site with their URLs.

If you get tired of turning off comments in each entry you can just turn off comments for

the whole blog in the Settings tab on the left. This will not cause existing comments to disappear. If you accept comments you will get spammed. You will have to add a captcha system as well as making users register and be approved as well as authenticating them as well as approving every single comment. Spammers are pigs. The will hack your site, no matter how obscure it is.

If you need to enter a table you are better off authoring it in Komposer or some WYSIWYG editor, and then past the source code into the entry page. You first hit the goofy <A> tab in the editor to switch to html mode.
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