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Adobe Photoshop 4.0 suffering

This is just one data-point for why I banned Adobe products from my life. pdf version
Back in 1998 I both a scanner that Adobe Photoshop included. Well, party included. Here is the strongly-worded letter I wrote back then. If did little good. After being exasperated by Photoshop, Premier, Acrobat, and Framemaker, I realized I was giving Adbobe more money than I paid Microsoft for the operating systems on all my machines. Dear Folks:

I recently purchased a UMAX astra 1200s scanner. It comes with "full Photoshop 4.0" At the ~500 dollar price I paid. But wait! Something is surely amiss. The "full Photoshop 4.0 Professional" does not come with

1) The manuals.
2) The tutorial CD.
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I'm sure this was just an oversight of the friendly and perky Adobe employee who saw the booklet "Photoshop 4.0 Professional" and forgot that the FTC will surely equate the word "professional" with the consumer expectation of "complete". 

After all, the micron scanner I almost bought used the appellation "professional" to indicate a complete product offering. Yes, I've even registered my new "Adobe Photoshop 4.0 Professional" on this very friendly and perky site.

Since I'm sure the corporate leadership at Adobe would not intentionally sell mis- labeled crippleware as "full," I'm sure you will want to rectify the situation by sending me:

1) The manuals.
2) The tutorial CD.

To show my good faith, the kind of good faith that keeps things civil, I will gladly pay the postage and handling for:

1) The Manuals.
2) The Tutorial CD.

We'll talk about the lack of documentation in the Acrobat package I bought next.

Thanking you in advance;
Paul Rako, Engineer

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