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Tom Friedman is a BS artist

Oil is not heroin, and trying to order around the economy like a lap dog will not work. Grow up, Tom. pdf version
NY Times columnist Tom Friedman had a 2008 article where he said we were addicted to oil. He then called for all kinds of schemes and scams, as though he were emperor of the universe.

Sorry, I disagree.

I'm an editor that constantly gets bombarded with bullshit by con artists trying to sell me stuff. I have developed a pretty good bullshit detector. When people use the word "addicted" to describe a commodity, it is a sure sign of rhetorical bullshit. Get ready for the shaft.
They are saying it is not just a commodity, it is drug and the people that sell it to us are pushers.

About that oil...

Oil is a commodity like bread or gravel or beer. Imported beer is precious. Imported wine even better. You all pay way more per gallon for those known addictive killers than you do for gas. The only reason he must hate foreign oil is that Friedman is a racist Christian that hates foreigners because they are 1) brown and 2) non-Christian.
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  1. Tom Friedman is a BS artist
    1. About that oil...
    2. Friedman's demands
    • Small cars
    • Worship the EPA
    • Ban offshore drilling
    • Fabricate jobs
    • Solar tax credits
    • Wind tax credits
    • Geothermal tax credits
    • Price controls
    1. What free country?
    2. Economics 101
Friedman maintains, "Oil is poisoning our climate and our geopolitics"--only if you live in Beijing and hate brown people, otherwise it is some pretty great stuff.

Canada is the second biggest importer of oil to us. Shall we stop doing business with them? Oh, they're white and go to churches with crosses on the top so Friedman thinks they are OK. Friedman has it exactly backwards. We should not use any domestic reserves so we can use all the foreign oil we can get. Then the foreigners will have no oil and we will have what is left.

OK, so Friedman is peddling BS. What is his purpose? Well, a fascist dictatorship it seems. What does he want?  His rhetorical BS is not very good, the conservatives are 1000% better, having honed their skills on talk radio, and before that, church. Lets look at all the fascist things Friedman proposes
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Friedman's demands:

Small cars
Friedman says to point a gun to the heads of the car companies and force them to build small cars, even if we the people want bigger vehicles.

Worship the EPA
Friedman expects every citizen of the USA to recognize the EPA head as our new pharaoh and be sure to bow you peasants.-- I walk outside and breath clear clean air in a bay area with 18 million people and all their cars and barbecues and farts. There is no crisis, except the crisis needed by power-mongers to screw you yet again over and over and over forever.

Ban offshore drilling
Friedman says do not drill for oil offshore since that is somehow a sin. Beats me how this works but since I have a hard time understanding 99% of anything you people believe. Friedman seems to think we have to buy solar and wind power or god will punish us for being a sinners.

Fabricate jobs
Friedman wants to create good tech jobs--by taxing some people and giving the lucre to people like me. Yeah--- get a clue--the  government cannot create anything --they just take from some of us and give to others. It is great when you are on the receiving end-- and also explains why every historian knows that democracy leads to dictatorship, as soon as the people realize they can vote themselves money from the public treasury.
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Solar tax credits
Friedman says, "extends for another eight years the investment tax credit for installing solar energy." So rather than taxing a favored bunch of people that may or may not have figured out the best technology, we give them a pass and just let stupid assholes like me pay their share of taxes. Dom Perignon at Sunpower tonight.

Wind tax credits
Friedman says, "extends for one year the production tax credit for producing wind power." More robbing the people to hand out favors to the favored trough feeders.

Geothermal tax credits
Friedman want to extend, "three years the credits for geothermal, wave energy and other renewables." Yes, political pigs have to pay off a lot of friends to stay in power and if they can give enough free money from our wallets to their crony's then the campaign contributions are sure to keep coming. Bush has Halliburton, Friedman has Archer Daniels Midland.

Price controls
Friedman demands,  "set a floor price of $4.50 a gallon for gasoline and $100 a barrel for oil"--what a complete fascist this pig is. This is the real objective--to transfer money from the productive class (us) to the political class (the politicians) and the pigs like Friedman just play the pipes and keep you conned.

What free country?

Yeah, it's a free country, unless you want to sell gasoline-- then you get the fascist government pointing a gun at you and telling you that you have to overcharge the people, this is the same bunch of pigs that what to penalize oil companies for a windfall profits, but notice there is never ever any punishment for windfall taxes.
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And that is because pigs like Friedman cannot conceive that we peons actually earn our living-- he thinks everything is due to his precious fascist government and we should just give all our money to the pigs in Washington and then beg for alms to feed our children while taking mass transit and living in housing projects. Watch the George Carlin video again where he talks about you being owned. Friedman is a big helper in their totalitarian schemes.

Economics 101

When Bush "saved" American jobs by putting tariffs on steel he saved 5000 steelworkers jobs and lost 25,000 jobs in the auto and appliance industries that use steel and had to pay more. It is always a loss when the government gets involved in the economy. Idiots like Friedman used to point out how great Japan was because they had "Industrial Policy". Then Japan tanked and has been in the tank for over a decade. Oops.

If we need so much tax money to boost our energy infrastructure lets get the government to hand out money for bran and granola and cheese whiz and every other thing people use. This "economist" Friedman obviously thinks that an economy only works because the governments force people to do things. What a 18th century idiot he is. I don't know if he is closer to Karl Marx or Adolph Hitler.
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