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Sturgis and elitism

A letter to the Jackpine Gypsies in 1997 regarding
citizens taking over control of the Sturgis Rally.
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The problem with Sturgis is the problem with Harley is the problem with America is the problem with the history of mankind. 

That problem is elitism. That a few busybody type can "improve" things by virtue of central planning.  The Jackpine Gypsies are obviously aware of the concept of exceedingly complex self organizing behavior.

They figure that a simple framework will allow a rich and robust Sturgis "ecosystem" to evolve and change as needed.
The SR&R* folks are the small town version of the bane of humanity: the "caretakers", the "over lords", the "government" the "priesthood"  of what they consider to be the low life peasantry that they assume was put on earth to fulfill there whims and sense on self-importance.

* SR&R refers to the Sturgis run and ride committee. this is a local organization who have taken control of the run away from the JackPine Gypsies. 
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I won't even go into the chance for abuse that skimming half a million bucks off the top and then putting "back into the Community". The last time I checked communities didn't have wallets, only individuals. Who will determine what individuals represent the community? Why those all-knowing overlords at SR&R.

The potential for kickbacks and wrongdoing are awesome. I have to wonder if that prom queen that got the scholarship was from a family that was involved in SR&R one way or another. Of course the odds that something is rotten in Sturgis is highly unlikely. That only happens to big little towns like Little Rock, Arkansas. 

There have been three general solutions to elitism: 

 1) Tolerate the elite (Jesus Christ). 
 2) Kill the elite (Karl Marx). 
 3) Ignore the elite (Ayn Rand). 

Now I won't talk down tolerance or the Christian ethic. A little tolerance could be used on both sides of this issue. But in Christ's time there were no automatic weapons or FAX machines. Of course the Gypsies could take the Marxist approach and "kill" (figuratively of course) the RS&S with court battles and ad campaigns ect ect. This is not only boring and tedious, it cuts into your leisure time. I would try the Randian solution. After all they are "Gypsies" so let's take it on the road. I would recommend Jackson Hole Wyoming on the 4th of July. I had a great time there many years ago.

The locals know how to order up a huge amount of Class C fireworks and almost kill themselves in the celebration. There was a ground burst of one of the rockets that literally blew the guy lighting the rocket on his but. His buddies got him to his feet, dusted him off,
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slapped him on the back and the show never even slowed down. Now that's class. We could see this drama since anyone could sit about 50 feet from where the pits were dug for the rockets.  You could feel the debris from the rockets raining down on the crowd. These people know what America's all about. The town is a ski resort so there is plenty of infrastructure begging for use in the summer. Lets keep calling it the Stugis rally just to piss off the pissants in South Dakota. 
The mistake that Harley and SR&R make is that they assume that the newbie yuppee crowd will mill together every year to compare stock portfolios and jewelry (including the latest rage: "portable jewelry" aka Harleys). They really come to identify and bond with us - the old timers. If we're not there they will go somewhere else.
This isn't the Love Ride. No Hollywood celebrities or charity to let the yups think they are doing something significant. The draw at Stugis is the hard core.
I began to understand the concept while at a shooting match/debauchery festival put on by a bay area patchholder up in the Diablo Mountains. A Nevada patch holder was drunk and explaining a point of etiquette to a non biker hang-around. I'll never forget the moment, as he rested his hand on the wannabee's shoulder and said in earnest ' Your job is to watch me having fun, so let's get to it." Both he and the wannabe subsequently had as much fun as they could each respectively handle. 
I say we should let the yups watch us have fun in Jackson Hole. 
PS. For an excellent analysis of complex self organizing behavior I  highly recommend the "Bionomics Institute" website. Michael  Rothchild has developed a thesis that compares the socio-economic  and political spheres to an ecosystem. Very thought provoking.
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