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AT&T, scumbags for 152 years

AT&T just let me go without dial tone for a week. pdf version
A couple years after my horrid experience with AT&T when the slammed me to a more expensive DSL plan, they just let me go without dial tone for a week. Remember, The Law is conducted on paper, so start your paper trail early.

AT&T California
5285 Doyle Road
San Jose, CA 95129

Dear folks
On or about January 20, 2010 I called in a service problem with my AT&T phone line. The line was extremely noisy during the rain. This has been true for the three years I have lived here, but it has become worse and worse. You sent out a technician on or about Jan 27 2010.

To my delight he confirmed that the problem was not with my premises wiring, but was a problem with the phone line coming to the house. He told me he had to replace the cable from two phone poles away. He also replaced the interface box on the back of my house with a modern one. I am extremely satisfied with his work and demeanor and I thought very highly of AT&T service. The phone worked for at least for a day or two.

On or about January 30, 2010, I lost dial tone on the line. I noticed this on February 1, 2010 and called in this new problem. You dispatched a technician on February 2 2010.
Unfortunately I could not be at home since I was attending a conference. It has been nearly a full week and I am still without dial tone. There is no status available on the AT&T repair website. I called again on February 3, 2010 and was told there is a problem in the line and that the technician turned it over to the cable department.

I work from home, not stuffing envelopes, but writing for a major electronics magazine with 150,000 subscribers. Not having a phone line risks me losing my job. I need a hard-date commitment for when I will have service returned or I will use the number portability laws to transfer my phone service to Comcast, with whom I already have Internet service. I also expect to have this month's bill reduced by the pro-rated time I have been without a dial tone.

I have a company-provided cell phone, 408 xxx-xxxx. I need someone to call me or email me with some status on this or AT&T will lose my business, at least 150,00 influential electrical engineers will read about your incompetence in EDN Magazine, and I will bring tort action as well.

I do not expect a repair miracle, but I would hope the AT&T corporation at least runs on some type of schedule so I can know when my phone will start working again. Do not homes without dial tone have some type of priority in your service work?
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