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Ice-maker blow up

Sometimes shopping for a house has unusual comedic entertainment. pdf version
I like to look at houses for sale down here in Florida. I especially like houses that are vacant. Its easier to to see how things a would lay out with my stuff. Since I take measurements and do a CAD drawing to see exactly how my stuff would fit I sometimes find a house that has the wrong square footage, or the lot size in not right.  This house was unique. It wasn't run down or a dump, but it was clearly lived in. Things didn't look too bad, until my real estate agent pointed out the big refrigerator and opened it with a flourish. This is what we were faced with. I started laughing and he stared to crack up as well. Ever the engineer I went to turn off the ice-maker, but my agent stopped me. Instead he called the listing agent and told her of the problem. It wasn't ours to fix, he rightly noted.
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