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Unwritten laws of engineering

Written in 1944, this classic from the American
Society of Mechanical engineers still endures.
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At the end of WWII, professor W. J. King of UCLA published a short booklet where he outlined some engineering and career guidelines. The book was published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

You can read a copy of the original articles from the 1944 issues of Mechanical Engineering magazine (pdf). An updated version is on Amazon for 15 bucks. It has also  been vamped to "The unwritten laws of business" to include its more general scope.

I was given a Xerox copy by a project manager when I consulted at Teledyne back in 1998. He handed the copies out to all the
engineers on the team. I cherished my copy, and thought it filled an important void.

So around 2002, I scanned and did an OCR (optical character recognition) of the pamphlet. I fixed all the scan errors and put it on this website. In 2005, a scandal erupted when it was discovered the CEO of Raytheon had plagiarized this book as his own work. It cost him a million bucks but he kept his job.

Since I had an online copy, I got a call from the New York Times. I never called back, but the ASME must have seen it too, they asked me to take it down, which I did. I begged them to take my scans and publish it, but they preferred to sell the new book, I can see why.
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