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Back in 1991, one reader of electronics trade
magazine EETimes saw what was coming.
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EETimes is a well-regarded trade magazine about electrical engineering. It was not so much the nuts and bolts of circuit design, but more about the industry as a whole. It was "heads up" as opposed to "heads down" publications like EDN and Electronic Design.

Each week, they would publish an illustration and ask readers to provide a funny caption. The winner of the John O'Brien cartoon caption contest on April 16th, 1991 was
frequent contributor Arnie Berger, from the Colorado Springs division of Hewlett Packard.

This caption is so prescient I include it as a guest Diamond bullet. Now, it's even worse, as there are no knobs, everything is a touchscreen now. The mind-numbing complexity of what should be simple products was apparent to Arnie. It reminds me of the Craigslist ad I saw for a DSL camera. The seller said it was "too complex to use." Its only getting worse.
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